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  • 05/31/16--09:02: Pageo Singapore
  • Pageo is the old Sonsub International (Singapore) re-badged and under Indon ownership, therefore no longer part of Saipem/Sonsub.

    They have all the old Sonsub Sing stock. e.g. low serial number Tritons, Discoverys etc

    Urgently seeking Marine Archeologists Very Happy

    Day rate has also dropped to below 2010 rates and more than 50% less than last year. Also door to door and workshop rates dropped.


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    Hi all,

    I'm doing a university project that involves a handful of underwater vehicles of the type BlueROV from BlueRobotics.

    I haven't yet equipped the ROV's with tether cable and is about to do a small "market research" trying to figure out how to get the best quality neutrally buoyant tether cable for the least money.

    I roughly need 1 km of tether cable, so I want to make sure I select the right cable.

    The "Fanthom Tether" from Blue Robotics itself ( seems to be a very good candidate. Spec-wise this tether cable fulfill all my needs, but at a price point of 5 USB/meter.

    Are you aware of any good alternatives to the Fanthom Tether that can compete on price / quality?

    Best Regards,

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    Raptor wrote:
    Sorry but spending $20.000 USD its not a good investment due to the current recession , $20.000 USD is a very large amount of money and not much to show for it, There are many people looking for a new start in life but Rov work is a non runner . If people want to invest in courses they should do electronics or hydraulics that can be used in other industry's ,
    Ok they get a nice little certificate but with a family to support and a mortgage to pay thats not going to be much help .

    We all have to make a living this I understand but to run courses for trade that is dead makes no sense and the only person who will benefit is you . I receive many emails from experienced guys who have been out of work for over 18 months and they cannot find work so a trainee has got no chance .Unless you can guarantee employment after the course its a total non runner.

    My full details are on my profile I see no reason to move this to PM stage as for my experience level I have been in this industry 40 Years plus , When this current recession is finished there maybe trainee requirements but thats a long way off yet .

    We all have to make a living this I understand but to run courses for trade that is dead makes no sense and the only person who will benefit is you . I receive many emails from experienced guys who have been out of work for over 18 months and they cannot find work so a trainee has got no chance .Unless you can guarantee employment after the course its a total non runner. 

    More than well put Raptor.
    More like 24 months or so...for the very experienced and the kin thereof, among'st others.

    Yet again some of these outfits will try and hook monies out of people.
    Do I read the likes of another scheme on the table or what?

    Too good to be true at that price and probably is not at the end of the day.

    Safety First + Work Second.
    Rolling Eyes Wink Rolling Eyes

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    I dont see where any body has broken any site rules ! The facts are 100 % correct . However the facts speak for them self there are very few requirements for Rov personnel this being the case there is very little point in doing a Rov training course since after the training course your just going to join the other thousands of guys sitting on the beach .

    All I see is a rov company in the Philippines that due to the down turn in the industry has little work and is now attempting to start up a rov school . We are not talking about a small amount of money here its $20.000 USD not far off £14.000 GBP . Thats a very large amount of money that could pay off some of your mortgage or send your kids to school.

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    Hi Deepseacon thanks for confirming the 7 week Fort-William they even include a T4 training course , But until the industry picks up it wont matter what course you do . I am a strong believer in in house training programs as most people still have to provide all there other certs an medicals and every year the list of required certs seems to go up .

    7 week course at Fort-William combines the skills and training taught in there 3 week ROV Pilot Technician Course with extensive training in

    ROV-contextual electronics
    High Voltage and Electrical Safety
    Titan 4 Manipulator Training
    Fibre Optics – Systems, Integration and with Testing, with option of additional OTDR* training
    Working at Height
    Experience using our VMAX Triton XL Simulator.

    *One day additional OTDR training will incur additional costs

    So, as well as the live, industry relevant flying experience and flight support skills you get on the ROV Pilot Technician Course, you’ll also gain the practical electronics skills and qualifications you’ll need to get your foot in the door of the ROV industry, along with important industry-specific experience and training.

    ROV employers require personnel who can maintain and repair the ROV quickly and efficiently, as well as having the operational competencies needed to carry out the job; it can be quite a pressurised role.

    The completion of this course will help develop your competency and includes the elements of the basic ROV syllabus in compliance with the requirements of the IMCA competence scheme for ROV personnel.

    Next course starting 11th July: SAVE 30% and pay £9177 inc VAT (normally £13110 inc VAT) thereafter £9286 inc VAT for rest of year .

    I hope this topic will propagate via the web and show up on a search under Rov training but until this current recession is over spending any money on a rov training course in my opinion is a total waste of money .

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    If you mean this one

    City & Guilds 3667-02 Units 1, 2 and 3 – Internal & External Fibre Installation & Testing

    Try and get an OTDR testing Cert as a standalone Cert.

    That is starting place course above and you could build on that as time goes on should you need to.

    I would say that's a use full Cert and it keeps in with you being Electrical as well.

    The reason I put City and Guilds is just that when and if but also its better to have Certs which are fully recognized and use full as if you needed to at some point it might come in use full for work onshore like today its not so easy to get work offshore in ROV a cert like that with other related certs would help you get work onshore as its a standard Cert for industry here in UK its only the beginning of a series of Course Certs in a career sector.

    Now its a lot of money yes and how much can you learn in that time but Fibre & data courses are like that these days there are expensive.

    You will learn ROV fibre optics at Fugro and receive some type of cert.

    But having Knowledge already and expanding on that only means a better understanding of the subject and having use full certs when and if you need them and not relying on course certs from Rov schools which hundreds have but industry recognized ones to show higher level of competence.

    Its not easy to use offshore courses to get work onshore in an area which its business are not offshore.

    Fort Williams they do a 2 day course and one day OTDR cost 1188 GBP for 3 days quick look I don't see the Certs they give you
    but if its FW one you could say the 2 day course is only any good for ROV companies offshore type work.
    Against getting a City Guilds cert you will do ROV Fibre introduction at Fugro in UAE as part of your expensive induction anyway.

    I have been to Total Electrical Training and Total Comms Training check this site out for prices and offers

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    An addition to my opening post on this thread:
    Now we apparently need - survival, medical, first aid, working at height, manual handling, and who knows what else!!, all specific to the GWO ( Global Wind Organisation), or we're not suitable for jacket installation or inspection, cable installation or surveys, seabed or spudcan surveys, or in fact, any other offshore renewables projects!!!.

    HONESTLY!!, YOU COULDN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!! Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

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    That Fibre course would give you the same knowledge and is well known in its sector doing that work I just used C&G as that's what I know as a base Qualification.

    Paying 12,500 USD for a Fugro ROV 4 week Course which is really 3 and a bit weeks or paying what Fort William 9177 GBP = 13200 USD for 7 week ROV course is charging next month I could say Fort William is a bargain on what you get out of it.

    I not going debated should you do it it's just a comparison
    You get more value from Fort William just now with there huge discounts.

    You possible get more out of there 3 week course for a lot less money than Fugro.
    I am sure they would take discounts with a call on there 3 weeks courses.
    a 3 week course is 6770 USD at FW against 12500 USD for 3 weeks and a survival at Fugro.

    My self I would rather do my own Survival and get what medical I need for where I am going to work if its a requirement to have to complete the course at Fugro then it should be done before going.

    Having a Survival put into the 4th week makes the 3 weeks training rather expensive.
    On a day for day training you can only learn so much in course time.

    I would get a Survival suitable for the region I am going to work in Opito yes but additions can be added on to a basic course.

    Then there is MIST for UK based work
    Medicals required as well OGUK is the first one to have.
    CA-EBS this course might be include now in the UAE Opito course?

    Shoulder width required now for work in UK

    The Fort William Operations Course don't go there get a JOB and do it at work.

    You need a vantage Number for MIST and Ca-ebs & Shoulder Width to be recorded onto you get this after an Opito Course for the 1st time.

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    What about. ......... . Chester Step . ......... . another add on to your medical

    Just seen that in an add for Wind farm work the job is Logistics offshore.

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    Hi Chewy,

    what are the entry requirements to attend the course that Delta ROV is offering?
    In the FAQ's, it is mentioned that trade qualifications are requested to get hired in the offshore industry.

    That said, it sounds like your company will accept candidates even if they don't have such trades.

    Am I reading it wrong?



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    Hello rov_er,

    many thanks for taking the time to read and post a pertinent question.

    We do not accept every candidate and we have an interview as part of our registration process.

    Those who apply must qualify to industry minimum requirements of HNC level in a relevant discipline.

    I chose not to enumerate the accepted disciplines so as to not restrict applicants for those disciplines we might forget.

    I designed this program to provide the best chances for entry level candidate to get hired from my experience as a manager. Accepting the wrong candidates would be a waste of their money and reflect poorly on Delta ROV.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Many thanks,

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    I have for sale my VideoRay Pro 3 XE GTO for $12,000 OBO

    The Pro 3 XE GTO sports all the features of the top of the line Pro 3XE adding our GTO thrusters which propel the VideoRay to speeds up to 4.1 knots. It flies through the water! The Pro 3 XEGTO is also PC computer control enabled, allowing operators to control the ROV using included wired or wireless game controllers with a user-supplied laptop computer. The Pro 3 XEGTO can even be controlled by software applications or remotely via a network. The Pro 3 XEGTO can easily accommodate recording devices, modular instrumentation and tools such as: scanning or imaging sonar for low visibility environments; manipulator for object retrieval or intervention; positioning system for exhaustive area searches; water quality sensor, metal thickness gauge, and more. Pro 3 XEGTO units can accommodate additional neutrally buoyant, negatively buoyant, or positively buoyant tether extensions to reach up to 305 m (1,000 ft) in overall distance but limited to 152 m (500 ft) in water depth. Included is an inverter for operation using a 12 volt power source such as a car battery[/img] 1-850-238-5528

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  • 06/11/16--13:37: Seaeye Falcon Spares wanted
  • Please send me an email to

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    Our company is looking to purchase a small ROV a Seaeye Tiger or Subatlantic Apache size. The Rov must have a wire cutting kit using a small Manip
    Its got to have 1000m of Umbilical with fiber optic capabilities for Blue view sonar and a HD camera.
    We need a a small winch and powerpack, we have a knuckle crane onboard which will be used to launch the system.
    We have had prices for new ROV's but trying to see if there were any good condition recent 2nd hand vehicles which would reduce our outlay.

    Thanks for you time and effort

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  • 06/12/16--13:51: ROV video
  • Guy's
    I'm not an ROV pilot or user, I'm on a Maritime Archeology trip in Vietnam and we have a Seabotix ROV here.
    I usually edit the video on these trips and have been asked to use the video files from the ROV.
    They are in a Seanet Prolog Data file and I can't read the files.
    Any suggestions?

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    Thanks Raptor
    Contacted Micheal yesterday

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    I am looking to hire a small ROV for a pipeline inspection project in India, Its a short job for start(20 KM run) starting in August so looking for something local or at least nearby.
    Please let me know with rate, Most likely looking for Falcon or Panther but open to explore other options due to limited budget.

    Thanks and Regards
    Deepanshu Giri

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    Could anyone advise if they have ever inspected (non-instrusive) a subsea valve to determine the degree to which it is closed/open? The valve cannot be operated for integrity reasons, and indicator has malfunctioned. I think maybe subsea radiography would be best chance but there may be something better suited? Thanks

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    I have never experienced sensing problem related to thruster before. I would suggest that you do background compensation with thruster's trims on to see any difference.

    I would think that thruster generate acoustics noise and vibration. Acoustics noise won't affect 440 system but coil frame movement does so make sure you got a rigid frame.

    Also how do coil signals look like? If they are fixed values (on single channel or all three channels) then you may have faulty analogue or main boards.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Sax

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