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    Hi could you upload some more photos, and year of manufacture

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    rayshields wrote:
    Well done on getting a start. Cant really help you with info about Deepocean.

    Regarding training, there is no such qualification as an ROV pilot, or industry accreditation. IMCA are a trade organisation, a group of companies who got together and devided some standards.

    Despite this each company can still train different ways. E.g. IMCA recognises Rov pilot tech 1 an 2 levels, but many companies gave lrbels 1,2,3,4 etc.

    You really do not need to worry about getting formal training. You will be taught what you need to know to operate and maintain their equipment.

    You will after this have Rov experience to add to your CV which is worth a lot more than formal qualifications.

    Thanks m8, mind you its just an interview not a start but heres hoping!

    Beaufort12 wrote:
    Are you starting with DeepOcean UK or Norway? If its with the UK side you will go through their standard training programme. All Trainees are sent to MCTS. You will do the HV and fibre course and their rov training course. You will be enrolled in the MCTS competency scheme which is based on IMCA guidelines. You will then have to complete the various comps along with gaining operational experience to get to pilot tech 2 level. Then more comps plus experience to pilot tech 1, and so on. The company is decent to work for. Good points and bad as most other companies. One thing i would say is that we are a trenching company so be prepared to get your hands dirty. We have just taken on 2 new supporter ROVs and two Schilling UHDs so you will probably get a chance to go roving but its normally just survey and trenching support, Not the most glamourous but for starting out it gets you time on the sticks without the pressure of do construction. If you want any specifics PM me or stick it on the general forum and ill try to reply. Good look for the interview.
    Very Happy

    Cheers for the info bud. I’ll send you a PM soon if you could look out for it thanks.

    Kirkg wrote:
    Hi all, just joined and I also have an interview with deepocean for rov trainee too. Just wondering if anyone has any specifics of what to expect at the interview?


    Don’t tell this guy anything!
    Haha just joking mate good luck in the interview!

    DavieBhoy wrote:
    welcome to the forum southsideseamus. Good luck with the interview mate.

    Cheers DavieBhoy! Smile

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    PM sent.

    Good luck both Razz

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    Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has received an order from DOF Subsea AS, Bergen, Norway to supply seven Perry™ XLX 200HP work-class remote operated vehicle (ROV) systems, including five Dynacon Launch and Recovery systems (LARs). The ROV systems will be delivered during the first and second quarters of this year.
    DOF Subsea ,Orders ,Seven ,ROVs ,Forum Energy Technologies
    “Forum is very pleased to have been awarded this contract from DOF Subsea AS,” said Bill Boyle, Forum Subsea Technologies’ Senior Vice President. “This is a significant order and a testament to our long standing working relationship with DOF Subsea. We are delighted to supply these Perry™ XLX Heavy Duty work-class ROV systems to DOF Subsea, a leading survey; inspection, maintenance, and repair; and, subsea construction service provider.”
    Forum Subsea’s remote intervention product offerings include an industry leading range of ROVs; tether management systems; LARS; a wide portfolio of ROV tools; simulation and mission management software; and, engineering and project management. Additionally, Forum’s remote intervention support is provided via workshops in Asia, Europe, USA and Brazil. “Our office in Rio de Janeiro and workshop facility in Macae are recent additions to Forum’s regional network and part of our strategy for growth in Brazil. This expansion will assist DOF and other established and new customers in this key deepwater region,” added Boyle

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    430 LUMENS.

    24 VDC.



    COST £400 + VAT.


    £250 NO VAT.

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    BOWTECH L3C-650-A4.






    COST NEW £1270 + VAT.

    £1000 NO VAT

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    Good evening all,

    One of our clients has a requirement for 4 Trenching Supervisors to join a major Pipeline Trenching project in the Caspian Sea.

    This is a long term contract requirement: the project will last until 31.10.2014, and the client is looking to secure experienced & competent trenching professionals for the duration (if possible).

    Further details are listed below:

    Client: Offshore Construction Client
    Position: Trenching Supervisor (x 4)
    Location: Caspian Sea
    Vessel: Large Trenching Vessel
    Project Requirements: Significant experience in pipeline trenching / offshore construction is a key factor. Excellent Piloting skills and trenching equipment knowledge are key.
    Rotation Schedule: 56 days on / 28 days off
    Working Hours: 12 hrs / 7 days
    Project Start Date: Mid Feb 2014 (expected)
    Day Rate / Salary: Varying depending on individual requirements

    If you are interested in finding out more about this position and being forwarded to the client, please call +44 (0) 1726 86 22 00 and ask to speak to Will (ROV Account Manager) or Leanne (ROV Personnel Coordinator). Alternatively, send your CV, Certs, Reference Details etc to and we will get back to you with information on the job.

    We very much look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Contact Leigh Reid at HPRUK

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    the million dollar question, you and tens of thousands of others.

    Read through the Rookie section, this question has been asked (and answered) hundreds of times already. Also have a look at the FAQ (link on the left side).

    The industry takes on people for their technical ability to maintain and repair the equipment - you learn to fly and operate on the ob. Look at your technical qualifications and background. If you are mainly mechanical, see what you can do in increase your electrical/electronic knowledge or qualifications. Same for fibre optics, basic networking etc. Also health & safety, COSHH, risk assessments etc.

    These training school courses are no more than an introduction to ROVs. On their own they will not get you a job, you must have a good technical background as well (but then there are thousands of others who also do as well).

    For example one intake of 8 trainees last year had well over 1200 people apply. Good luck.

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    Good luck guys, I missed out on this same job. Just now trying to find out why and what I need to improve my chances.

    Best of luck.

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  • 01/22/14--15:51: Deepocean
  • Good luck!

    I just had an email saying I haven't made it to the interview... Cool

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    Are you an Electrical Technician or recently qualified ROV pilot/engineer that would you consider a role in Sales? – We have a great role, based in Aberdeen working for a subsea technology specialist – please get in touch on +44(0)2079600222 or email Richard Parrett -

    London Office
    Capital Tower
    91 Waterloo Road,
    London, SE1 8RT
    United Kingdom
    +44 (0) 207 960 0222

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    jamesmc wrote:
    I can tell you that they will be looking for technical training coupled with experience. Judging by your background and hands on experience offshore already, you should breeze through.
    Update your CV and take proof of education & any original trade training certs you have with you so that they may take copies if required.

    Good luck! Thumb Up

    Thank you for your quick reply James, I will thoroughly prepare for the interview and will also learn about the company as well as the background.
    I have plenty of courses under my belt with being offshore etc. I've been told I interview well and I'm a likeable person so I'm hoping for the best.

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    Booty wrote:
    Hi I have been a Royal Marine mechanic for 12 years and I am leaving, I have just completed a ROV Technician 11 course at MTCS and am looking for employment in the ROV industry. Please could any one help me as I am struggling to find some one who is employing at this time, I am willing to travel and I am ideally looking to gain off sure experience.
    Thank you to anyone that can help.


    FYI I am ex RE. Wink
    If you are UK based you won't find too many employers taking people on right now (January) as there is not too much offshore activity in the UK sector at this time of the year. So you may sense a certain lack of interest when you are calling/emailing around. Some companies are recruiting trainees in preparation for the new season. General demand for good techs will step up in a few months time.

    One thing worth a shot is... maybe get your arse up to Aberdeen next month and, over a week, do the rounds of the companies. Visit the various ROV co's in person and ask to speak with the person responsible for ROV recruitment. You may get lucky and it certainly feels more positive than hanging around at home and just emailing. That's exactly what I did when I left the RE's (based in Brighton at the time) I feel it might also show a potential employer how keen you are to get started by actually making the effort to visit in person.
    At each visit write down names and company contacts as soon as you get a chance, so that when you call again you can ask for that person by name. Ask for their business card.
    Make sure you have a few copies of your up to date CV and certs to hand out as you go. Always add a mobile (cell) number & email address to your CV and make sure the phone is on 24/7 and with you! Get some contact cards printed that you can hand out. You may get chatting with someone at a bar that might turn out to be a good lead. Nothing worse than saying "Oh! Er.. I haven't got any cards printed yet!" and scribbling your contact info down on a soggy beer mat! Vista Print would be your easiest option for that I reckon. Name, ROV Pilot Tech, Mobile and email address, home address, should be on the card. You need 'ROV Pilot Tech' on the card so that people looking at the card later can make the connection as to you (potential) line of work.

    Good luck! Thumb Up

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  • 01/25/14--22:26: China COOEC Manning contract
  • Hi Guys

    Having worked for Allseas many times I can tell you the inside story , Yes All seas do supply personnel to COOEC but there not alone there is a second agency in China OCEAN TEAM ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED

    As for allseas you can contact

    Now the deal is if you want to work via Allseas you must provide your own insurance , This is were you went via Compass or some other agency . But you get a much better day rate if you work direct and provide your own insurance , Direct your looking at about $850 - $900 on there Quantum .

    As for the Sea Eye Panther I think the day rate is a bit lower .

    Now I see that COOEC are now trying to hire guys direct as on there linkedin page :-

    So there is no need to go via a agency as for AllSeas paying well even when your in the Taxi from the ferry the lady is paying you all your expenses cash in hand . As for your day rate that is paid out about the 10th of the following month and its never late .

    So there you go .



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  • 01/25/14--22:26: Rov trainee advice please
  • Yes, a question which is asked at least several times a week Smile

    As suggested read through the FAQ (link over on the left) as well as the Rookie section on here.

    Doing an introduction course (for this is all they really are) will at least give you an idea of the rov industry. Some of your skills will be transferrable certainly, companies employ trainees for their technical skills as you cannot learn to become an ROV pilot until you get a job as an ROV Pilot. So they look for people who can repair and maintain the equipment primarily.

    I would suggest you maybe look at your electrical, electronic, hydraulic and fibre optic skills and qualifications and your money may be better spent on improving these. This way, if you do not get a job in ROVs you still have qualifications and skills which are useful in other jobs. An ROV course is only applicable for ROV jobs.

    Be aware there are a LOT of people trying to get started in ROVs, one course of 8 trainees have over 1300 people apply for example. It is difficult to take on a lot of trainees as there are only so many jobs you can be sent on until experience is built up which is why several hundred just cant be taken on and put to work.

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    DavieBhoy wrote:
    well done james Smile.

    Cheers Thumb Up

    Meeting with a representative of the new owners this coming week.

    The transition from a user experience should be seamless.

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  • 01/25/14--22:26: Silly offer from Oceaneering
  • The problem is there are thousands that will accept it !


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  • 01/25/14--22:26: SPRINT 101
  • Yes those were the good old days of Rascal , Dart, super Dart , Hi Sub , Cetus , Scot Sub , UFO , Rig Workers , Duplus , Mantis , 225 , 150 , Sea Owl , Sea Hawk to name but a few .



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  • 01/26/14--22:57: Rov camera
  • Many cheap underwater cameras use off the shelf video cameras. The trick is to make a waterproof housing with a water corrected lens in it that is cheap enough, not so easy.

    Have a look at something like

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