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  • 04/17/14--16:55: ROV Trainee Position.
  • Hi Jim,

    An HNC would help for sure, but in my opinion your background should give you some chance, unless your tech skills have evaporated, and I don't think it's the case...

    Just try to highlight your tech experience and the practical side while minimizing your academic side, which doesn't give you extra points as you can see by comments above.

    Good luck,


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    Start Date: 21/05/14
    Duration: 4:4 rotations until the end of summer 2014
    Location: Norway
    Project/Activity: Ploughing project, using SMD built Plough
    Certification: Norwegian Survival, Offshore Medical and relevant trade certification

    Ideal candidate will have a strong electrical and offshore background with experience on ploughing projects.

    Start Date: 21/05/14
    Duration: 4:4 rotations until the end of summer 2014
    Location: Norway
    Project/Activity: Ploughing project, using SMD built Plough
    Certification: Norwegian Survival, Offshore Medical and relevant trade certification

    Ideal candidate will have a strong electrical and offshore background with experience on ploughing projects. Minimum of 2 years supervisory experience
    If you feel you meet the requirements and are interested in the above post, please call +44 (0)1429 868543 or email quoting the relevant reference number

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    Still on sale ?

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    Urgently looking for ROV Supervisors and ROV Pilot Tech 1s to work mobilise from either Aberdeen or Humber in the UK ASAP.

    Looking for candidates with XLX or XLS experience.

    Contract and permanent positions available. Client is looking to mobilise the first crew, within the next one week.

    4:4 rotation

    If you are interested, please e mail your CV and certificates to

    I am happy to pay a referral fee if I can successfully place your referral.


    William Feddon
    Head of Power Generation

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  • 04/18/14--17:04: Oceaneering ROV trainee
  • Hey guys how did you go with the online test. I just received the same email myself last night. and going to complete it today when the house quietens down a bit.

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    The Client can also be crafty and have it written into the Contract which you then sign when starting , so read it thoroughly !
    Make sure you have any discussions on emails or on paper prior to leaving your abode

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    Sad story that but not uncommon I am afraid. I too used to put a lot of hours for my transit to/from work.

    I remember this one time working for GSP being completely knackered and asked for a hotel room instead of spending 9 hours in a dodgy Russian airport. After arguing with the ops manager, I got picked up and driven to the hotel...

    I am not going to milk it for you and will tell it to you straight. HSE policies are not for your well-being. They are purely political for the client and operator to look good on paper. They tell you otherwise but its just a big smoke show. If you stand up for your rights, you will either get NRB'ed or promoted lol. But to be fair, all companies usually have a zero drug and alcohol policy... (Don't see anyone complaining about not following that one.)

    The reality is, if you are in a good position with the company, you can ask for better flights and hotel stops, if not, I suggest you suck up to the logistics coordinator. In the end, he/she, can improve your travel without having to ask anyone else.

    HSE policies normally state that you should be allowed a minimum rest period of 6 hours after travelling overnight. Weather rest is taken onshore or on the vessel. This differs from one company to the other...

    The only company I've ever seen applying this is Technip.


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  • 04/19/14--17:25: SEABOTIX LBV 150 FOR SALE
  • Chewy wrote:
    Nice little piece of kit. I suggest you put the price though..

    Agree on price suggestion! Makes no sense not to give a price indication, or you run the risk of being contacted by time-wasters!

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    Happy Easter gentlemen!

    I am currently looking for a Sub Engineer with FCV experience to start ASAP in a project in India.

    Due to the urgency, the client is requiring Indian Nationals, to avoid delay with visa and MOHA clearance.

    Please send CVs to

    Kind regards,


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    Phew ! Cool
    That's a relief Rolling Eyes
    I've had Ltd status for 20 years ,
    Glad to see this happening , it means no more grey areas !

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  • 04/20/14--17:56: Seahorse Services Vietnam
  • You should fit right in then ! Very Happy

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    liddelljohn wrote:
    What if you have an offshore LTD company ???? or a subsidary company or use and umbrella company ????

    The legislation does not say.... 'Must be UK Limited Company', or at least I can find no reference to that online and I don't expect to either.

    I would suggest any limited company should be acceptable as long as you can produce:

    a) Certificate of incorporation
    b) Certificate of Employers liability insurance. (A non UK limited company can get this insurance.)

    There may be an exception to that logic if HMRC sees fit to believe that your ltd co is registered in a tax haven and you are also not resident in that country and therefore pay no taxes. You might need to take tax advice form a CA on that.

    Here are two real life examples that work:
    1) When living in Portugal I previously operated under our own Portuguese Ltd Co. We had three employees and carried employers liability insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London. We paid corporation tax and employee (PAYE) taxes in Portugal, which is part of the EU. That company is now closed.

    2) Now, living in BC, Canada, I am an employee of my limited company (50% shareholder) incorporated in BC, Canada. We have two employees and carry employers liability insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London. All earnings go into our business account. We pay ourselves a monthly salary. We pay corporation tax and employee (PAYE) taxes to CRA in Canada. Canada and the UK have reciprocal tax agreements. That seems to tick all the boxes.

    What I will suggest is the writing is on the wall for all those that currently do not pay any tax on their worldwide income. If you are a UK citizen, work in the North Sea through a UK agency and are not registered as permanent resident in another country (like living on visitors visa's), nor pay income tax there, you are likely to be chased down by HMRC at some point. When I lived in Asia it used to seem good enough if you simply met the UK ex-pat requirements and did not reside in the UK, so did not need to file a tax return to HMRC and at the same time paid no taxes in the country you lived in. I seem to get the feeling that this is no longer good enough. I know that USA and Canadian citizens have to declare worldwide income no matter where they live. I don't see the UK being that far behind in that respect.

    If you are an employee of any company (yours or someone else's) and pay taxes and National insurance (or the NIC equivalent in your country of residence) then you should be good. If you are not an employee of any company and work in the North Sea and pay no taxes anywhere, nor make an annual tax return anywhere, then you may be in for a surprise at some point in the near future.

    It will all end in tears unless you take pre-emptive steps and stay ahead of the game.

    SED is another matter.

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    The latest information can be found on the HMRC website at:

    HMRC link : Do I qualify for Seafarer's Earnings Deduction?

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    Thanks for the info James...I hear you need to be classed as an employee of a company to qualify for SED, which Iam not I work for various companies, agencies but always have a contract...I contacted a couple of sea tax specialists in the UK and they have told me that you dont necessarily have to be an employee as such and that providing a contract can be produced this should suffice...Could someone please clarify this ? Thanks.

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    Our company specialises in providing Subsea workers with comprehensive income protection, Life, Permanent Disability and Trauma insurance cover working in Australian Waters.

    In addition we can provide advice on consolidating superannuation funds into a competitively priced fund and the above insurance premiums can be deducted from super if preferred.

    We are based in Perth but have clients Australia wide so please refer to the following link for further details or contact me on

    Kind regards

    James Uezzell
    Precept Financial Services

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    Chewy wrote:

    The only company I've ever seen applying this is Technip.

    Mai oui.
    The Sonsubs and Saipems of this world will charge around 30% of your day rate if you travel with them for less than 8 hours and full day rate over that...kind of an incentive to keep going I guess!

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    Start Date: ASAP
    Duration: Approx 5-6 weeks
    Location: Norway
    Activity: Cable Installation & Trenching
    Certification Req: Norwegian Medical & Survival

    Candidates to have at least 3-4 years Bridge & Supervisory experience & must have experience with fibre optic cable installation operations and trenching.

    If you are interested and feel you have the required experience for the above post, please call on +44(0)1429 868543, submit your cv to

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  • 04/22/14--18:47: Seahorse Services Vietnam
  • T boy ...Yes the seahorse techs are brilliant , a few get jobs in singapore and ME and escape the slave rates they were on , really nice people too ..

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    Echidna wrote:
    James can I ask why you say the days of hanging around in Thailand on your time off between jobs on a tourist visa are coming to an end??TAXFREE.
    Whats to stop anyone from doing that tax free for the rest of their lives, as long as they are working outside the UK, ie Asia what does that have to do with the Inland Revenue, nothing from the way I see it as long as days out of the UK are satisfied, and no house,wife, etc..

    Most of what I said was about the relevance of the OP. Those Brits living overseas working in the UK on day rate as 'self employed' workers. It's this 'self employed' aspect that HMRC wants to eradicate offshore as they see it as a tax revenue leak IMHO.

    However it's nothing to do with how you see it. It will be all to do with how the authorities in your country of citizenship see it!

    The reason I suggest this is, it is my understanding that currently USA, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Citizens/permanent residents living/working overseas already have to declare worldwide income and submit a tax return to their relevant tax authorities in their country of citizenship/residence, no matter where they work/live. (For the benefit of this thread.. someone correct me if I am wrong so that we get the story straight).

    It's clear that back in the UK, HMRC are desperately trying close all the tax revenue drains/loopholes. One of those is that the UK currently does not require UK ex-pats to submit a tax return if they have no ties to the UK. IMHO that might change and it won't require too much of a shift in tax law for that to happen.

    I see it potentially going like this. The law is adjusted so that all UK citizens, no matter where they reside or work, have to submit a tax return to HMRC. If they are entitled to not pay tax to HMRC (maybe because they pay tax elsewhere within a country that has a reciprocal tax agreement in place with the UK) then all well and good. They will also likely want to see proof of residency somewhere plus proof that you submit a tax return in your country of residence. If it is shown that no tax is being paid anywhere on worldwide income then HMRC will no doubt want a chunk of it!

    I am a UK citizen living in Canada as a permanent resident. However as a British Citizen it would come as no surprise to me if the above took effect. If it didi I'd simply have my accountant fill out the required return, I'd sign it and they's send it off to HMRC. Because I pay taxes on all worldwide income here in Canada and this country has a reciprocal tax agreement with the UK then that should satisfy HMRC and they'll have no demands. (not guaranteed though).

    No point in arguing the toss as to whether that is any of HMRC's business or not where you live and work. If it's UK law and you are a UK citizen then you will either comply or be nailed for not complying.

    The tax noose is tightening. Those that haven't' noticed have been too pissed, too high for too long or don't give and shit and think it will not effect them.

    Remember, this is a discussion between offshore types, so this is just my opinion and nothing else. It's not based on tax law or anything I know that others might not.
    Discussing this type of thing is a good thing as it helps others understand the bigger picture. If you have a view contrary to mine feel free to post it!

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  • 04/22/14--18:47: Another comediene...
  • I apologise for not having any more laughable material through the T-Mail system...been a bit quiet round these parts.

    So, I wonder if anyone else has had any comedy scripts through?

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