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  • 12/31/14--00:39: Fugro day rate
  • Hi guys,

    is there anybody attended at a Fugro ROV course in Abu Dhabi?

    How many students they employee at the end of the course?

    Which is the day rate at the beginning of a the Fugro career?

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    What (if anything) would you like to see improved on

    Simply Click on the link above to vote.

    Please Vote!

    All votes are anonymous.

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  • 12/31/14--00:39: australia
  • like to hear from anyone working off wa or nt coast cheers

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  • 12/31/14--00:39: C-leanship Singapore
  • Savante wrote:

    Just a polite reminder though; there's a rule on names in open forum !

    rayshields wrote:
    As Savante pointed out, the rules of the forum are no individual names - companies, yes.

    Thread edited to reflect this. Please don't mention individuals names.

    You beat me to it! - Aren't time zones fun at times Wink

    People - It's a written rule within this Forum. Please abide by it!

    In a nutshel:

    Mentioning company names and positions of people within a company - such as 'Director at company ABC' or 'ROV manager at ROV company Ltd' are acceptable. Posting a person's name is not, and will be edited as soon as an admin in some part of the world is aware. Persistent offender may have their account locked.

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  • 12/31/14--00:39: Oceaneering Batam Training
  • Well said James.
    Regarding the schools, its supply and demand, nothing else. Who can blame them, they make money and get the pick of the new blood. in the end its up to the individuals if they want to spend the money on a course. As you said though, who would want to spend $12k on a course as a way into an industry who's short term future doesn't look rosy. Check back in a year or so, as you say.
    The one good thing from a drop in oil prices and potential work, is that it tends to weed out a lot of 'cruisers' from the industry. It could however, go the other way and the bean counters keep hiring the folk who are willing to work for next to nothing and the guys with the actual operational experience struggle to the point of departure from the industry. The industry is full of inexperienced wannabe's at the moment, who THINK that they are experienced, it would be scary if they were left in charge as a majority!

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    Hi Ray not sure about the seats not being available but fully understand what you mean but the whole point why I keep my Seamans book current is so I can get cheap airfares plus like you say its more flexible but it was a shock to the system when I checked on the BA web Site and found the same flight , Date same spec cattle class for over £300 GBP cheaper but I am waiting to hear back from BA in case I am missing some thing in the small print .

    In fact looking at the prices on the BA Site with this £300 saved I could upgrade to Super Cattle class with a few more inches of leg room , Just waiting to hear back from Griffin if nothing heard I will ring them as the whole point of getting a marine ticket is its price and flexible one more reasons why company's like you to have a Seamans book .

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  • 01/01/15--09:31: Oceaneering Batam Training
  • My kind of Forum fun Smile

    maswov wrote:
    From what I understand

    .....and there is the weakness in your argument. You clearly understand little about this industry but feel that your have sufficient experience in life to argue the toss. Best of luck to you with that approach.

    maswov wrote:

    You contradict yourself saying that you don't think anyone said that oil prices will remain low, then quote yourself implying that prices will remain low. If you meant something different please explain.

    I quoted myself saying 'oil prices are dropping through the floor'. You can read into what you feel I might have been implying as much as you wish. It's simply your interpretation of what you thought I meant.

    The fact is, prices have dropped and nobody knows when they will pick back up. It could be a month. It could be three years. No contradiction there.

    So... prices are dropping through the floor and people are considering spending their own money on a training course run by a multinational corporation with no guarantee of work at the end, in an industry that globally might well be laying people off by the thousands next year.
    Lets be clear here.. the signs are not positive for 2015. You'd need to be off your trolly to spend 12k on an ROV training course right now, or at all for that matter!

    maswov wrote:

    I understand that contract will be cut by the oil companies and there will be less work, but that really doesn't have anything to do with why the prices drop or how long they will remain low. From what I understand the reason for the drop in the 80's was primarily due to reduced demand with the increased use of natural gas and nuclear power, and that the average fuel economy for cars increased by 30% from the late 70s to the early 80s. The recent price drop is mainly because Saudi lowered prices without reducing production, not sure why but seems logical that they want to hurt the fracking industry, which the increased production from that also had an effect on prices. Also, economic growth in China and some emerging economies has slowed reducing demand. Maybe it will take 10 years to see the prices increase, but circumstances are quite different today than 30 years ago.

    It doesn't matter what the underlying cause is for the drop 30 years ago or now. Not something I can be bothered to debate with either.

    The price is down, offshore companies are jittery, Oil co's are cutting back on construction/exploration. On the latter, a vast amount of OI's work is drill support (rig, not vessel based). They will likely have many systems laid up doing bugger all if the price stays depressed. So, there is a good chance that the very company doing the training will have a dwindling requirement for ROV techs in 2015 in the short term.

    maswov wrote:

    And I accept your challenge, when I am at the level of a Sr offshore rep, we will discuss the terms of your retirement.

    Hah! You have to be kidding me. Very Happy
    You may bump into me when you are a drill support ROV tech, but I doubt that as I haven't worked on a Rig for about 15 years and am not likely to do so ever again. If you make the grade and eventually shift to ROV construction DP vessel operations, then maybe. As for discussing the term of my retirement so that you might fill my position.. no chance of that happening as I'll be long gone from this game by that point..... in a far distant time.

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  • 01/01/15--09:31: Happy New Year!
  • sitrep69 wrote:
    Best wishes to all for a good year ahead.

    slainte mhor!!!

    Same to you with bells on Sitrep! Thumb Up Smile

    BTW your avatar is looking a bit broken? Sad

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  • 01/01/15--09:31: Confused...!
  • NCOffshore wrote:
    Hi forum

    Maybe a silly question ref. the 183 days rule but....

    I have worked 182 days out of the UK this year but have 25 days in hand on my IR205 which has been running for 3 years. Do I still qualify for SED?


    Hi NC
    No idea what an IR205 is, but maybe my response will prompt more replies that may be of use to you.

    There is also an App on iTunes that might help you out.
    I can't add a link as our anti spam security breaks the link.

    Go to iTunes and search out:
    The Seafarer's Earnings Deduction (seafarer's tax) eligibility calculator

    Nothing to do with me, but I know a few people use the app quite successfully. I've been advised (by my boss Wink ) that one of the guys involved in developing the app was an ROV peep Smile

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  • 01/02/15--09:53: Confused...!
  • Once you have passed your initial 183 qualifying period, as long as you continue to qualify each time you re-enter the country then it is not a problem (as far as I understand it), you just keep on going, you dont have to do the 183 days every tax year.

    IR205 is the explanation and calculation sheet from HMRC for Seafarers Tax.

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  • 01/03/15--10:11: Oceaneering Batam Training
  • Well, I've been reading all of your discussion and getting information on what to do.

    So, for what I've understood, since I already have a HND (I believe it's the UK definition of my course, a level 4 electronics/electrical engineering technician), the Oceaneering ROV Introduction course would only be a refresher of my own academic course, focusing on ROVs.

    So, if anyone could enlighten me, where do I stand and what should I do next?? With my academic qualifications and professional experience (piloting a Hyball ROV system and maintain it from 2001 to 2008 and a 16 year professional experience as a commercial diver), should i just go do a BOSIET and Offshore Medical to try and bust the door open, or do I need any other qualification or experience before that??

    Since, for what i believe after reading all the different opinions, it's in fact too much money to "throw away" just to get a one month "refreshing" course with no contract guarantees at the end.

    Thank you very much for your educated and sincere answer.

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  • 01/03/15--10:11: Confused...!
  • I was hoping this was the case. Thank you for all your replies.

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    Hi Guys

    Yep, back in 2012 I worked in the Norwegian sector for about 30 days and paid both Norwegian and UK tax.

    If I can, which one can I claim back and how do I go about claiming it please?

    Many thanks

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  • 01/04/15--10:58: Oceaneering Batam Training
  • XDiver, IMHO, you have sufficient experience and background to start the ROV career without any refreshing course. Pass your medical first and BOSIEtT and keep send your CV!

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  • 01/04/15--10:58: Doha, Qatar.. Is that all?
  • The Sportsbar in the Radisson Blu Hotel is okay. Decent range of beers, sport filled TV's everywhere and decent service. Bar food is also decent.
    There are apparently a couple of bars in the next building to, also the Radisson Blu, but haven't tried them personally! Also a Chinese and an Indian restaurant, again not tried personally, but have heard good reports.

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  • 01/05/15--11:06: Personal Underwater ROVs
  • I don't know how to build a ROV and I am really working non stop to even sit down and learn how to. If you do this sort of projects can you make me an offer. You know what sort of ROV I want and you know my budget.

    Thank You

    Seatronics DTS 6000 how does it move around can it hover and move like the other ROVs?

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  • 01/05/15--11:06: Oceaneering Batam Training
  • XDiver

    I was not trying to be flippant but merely making the point that this is a pretty good course and that there is the possibility of getting a start in the industry after it. What I meant by coming it at the wrong pay grade is that if this is a refresher to you then you obviously have training and experience on work class vehicles and could therefore probably come in at a higher level? As I have said the only refresher is on basic theory principles and is only to provide a foundation before moving into the ROV systems proper. For example you are electrical/electronic biased so prior to moving into hydraulic systems fundamental principles are covered and likewise for hydraulic/engineering biased students basic electric principles are covered. If you are dual qualified and experienced then happy days, also some guys haven’t sat in a classroom in a few decades so sometimes this is a good way to ease into things.

    As previously mentioned some companies will put you through their in-house training scheme for free, but now some companies like Fugro ME and Oceaneering are not giving it away for free anymore and require a shared risk. Anytime we pay for education and training, it is an investment in ourselves and sometimes it is a risk. There is no guarantee that we will pass any course we do or even get a job thereafter, but as I said you have to make that decision based on your circumstances.

    Mate whatever you decide, all the best for the future.

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  • 01/06/15--11:15: Personal Underwater ROVs
  • The Sirio model seems to be inspection vehicle. What about Perseo GTV?

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  • 01/06/15--11:15: Oceaneering Batam Training
  • ROV may sound all nice and rosy to some, but when you look around these days there are many jobs in the offshore industry that require similar technical qualifications that are way better paid than ROV that's for sure.
    Please, specify which of the offshore jobs you are talked about?

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    Only about a third of the cost of petrol at the pumps actually represents the cost of the raw material from which it is made - oil

    In a nutshell (UK) - 8 November 2011
    Quote from the above article.

    Well over half, in fact about 60%, of the £1.34 odd we pay for a litre of unleaded is fuel duty and VAT.

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