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    inmorsat satellite phone for sale in excellent shape
    make offer

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  • 12/10/15--03:07: Inspection ROV LARS wanted
  • Hello,

    I'm looking for a LARS for a Sub-Atlantic Mohican. 800KG+ SWL.

    All types considered.

    Looking for something cheap that I will send for refurbishment.

    PM me if you have any leads.


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  • 12/11/15--22:48: Site Spam attacks
  • I dont think that i have the correct temprement, ha ha ..... to ne a full moderator ,,but i am willing to help out the site in any way ,,,

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  • 12/11/15--22:48: Inspection ROV LARS wanted
  • Hi Chewy

    There are a few LARs available for the size of vehicle that you have its all down to how much do you want to pay . If you look at deep search there are a few on there if however your looking for some thing cheap then a trip to Singapore or Batam may be required since many rov company's ceased trading and there still selling off all there assets all the good stuff has gone but all the rest is still left there rusting away .

    But like I said its all down to the price you want to pay .

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  • 12/11/15--22:48: AMJ SUBSEA JOB OFFER SCAM?
  • Sorry but I dont see how this topic is relevant since its almost 3 years old !
    What information is found now is irrelevant .

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  • 12/12/15--23:34: Inspection ROV LARS wanted
  • Most of what I have seen is outside rusting away thats why you need to check the whole base but it should be cheap .

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  • 12/12/15--23:34: AMJ SUBSEA JOB OFFER SCAM?
  • I think MagieStrzy may be trying to improve the ranking of the website by trying to get us to look at the site.

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  • 12/15/15--23:50: Deep Trekker DTG2 smart
  • Item is now sold

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  • 12/15/15--23:50: ROV TITAN COMMANDO
  • I think your find that Silvercrest has a Titan Commando for sale as for spares I think your have problems finding any thing unless its a project vehicle .

    Contact details for Silvercrest are

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  • 12/15/15--23:50: but now are mostly metal
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  • 12/15/15--23:50: easier way to make money
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  • 12/17/15--00:16: Ivoffshore ceased trading
  • ...from the ashes of IV, Rubix was born - that is common knowledge.

    That IV does not equal Rubix is myth / an urban Legend Laughing

    Oh no, this is so confusing - not Exclamation

    Wink la'er maybe again

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    I have some seabotix (LBV150) parts like thruster, onboard electronic, tether, mechanical structure ICC...
    It come from ebay a few years ago and i bought these parts to build a complete system.

    Video and power supply, onboard information are working but the system still not react to joystik. I would like to change the communications board but seabotix ask me more than 2000 $ for this. If you are interested by the complet story, please contact me, i bought another ROV (GNOM) and i will consider all reasonable offers...

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  • 12/17/15--00:16: ROV TITAN COMMANDO
  • Thanks raptor

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    With the price of oil dropping lower every day I see no point in doing any more courses but the basic OPITO requirements + MIST , All mine are good to 2019 I think the only cert that will needs to be done again is my HV cert in 2017

    If you look at the format for all theses courses there very much the same thing just take a look at the Petans web site I think they will start a GWO course next year but prices for them all is about the £1100 GBP mark that's for a full 5 day course .

    I think over the past year or so I have seen a few jobs in the north sea were the requirement was that you had to have a full STCW cert ( 5 day ) From reading more from the email from Offshorecourses.Norway it sounds more like a there trying to say its a " Mandatory requirement "

    " The STCW convention and codes as amended by the Manila Amendments (2010) has certain mandatory requirements regarding security training of seafarers. These regulations which came into force on 1st January 2010, requires all ship board personnel to carry out ship security training.
    More and more Norwegian ship owners are requesting that all seafarers have the highest certificate in this matter (Proficiency in Security Duties) disregarding if they have or not security duties as part of their job description. So if you have Security Awareness this is a good opportunity to upgrade your certificate and increase your chances to get a new job. "

    I think at the end of the day its all down to what the client will accept + wont accept but I see very little point in doing the same course 3 times all because there is no cross-recognition between OPITO (for the Oil & Gas Offshore Industry) , the MCA (STCW) (for the Maritime Industry) and GWO ( for the Global Wind Organisation industry )

    Glevum I will try and find the jobs and post them so you can see what I mean but it clearly states OPITO certs will not be accepted they required a full 5 day STCW course to be done .

    Ray I feel the same way just when you think you have all the required certs someone seems to bring some other extra requirement like these Competence assessment requirements , I see that on the MTCS web site there requirements have changed for Competence Renewal, Now you must :-
    1. Submit a witness statement for the grade at which they want to re-certify. The witness statement must be completed by a line manager or equivalent.
    2. Submit valid survival and medical certificates for the region of the world in which they work.

    Dont forget the payment for £350

    MTCS stipulate that personnel who wish to re-certify at a specific grade, must have been actively working at this grade, during the previous 12 months.

    If you wish to be Competence assessed go to your current or past employer who is a IMCA member and they will do it for " FREE " It clearly states that in the IMCA Guidelines . Assessments should be done in house by Managers or Supervisors .

    As for the future I see very much the same in 2017 maybe if we are lucky 2018 .

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    GWO / RUK Survival expiry is listed as 2 years. it can cost 1500GBP if done separately as most place it runs 6.5 days. or 6 days if done one time

    I have held STCW95 and Bosiet over the years its been use full with ENG1 and OGUK now plus Norwegian.

    To top that up with the GWO which expires in 2 years although I am not sure if its all of the modules but 2 of them do for sure.

    The point where health and safety is not understood these days is you need a GWO on some jobs doing the same work a bosiet will do on others and STCW95 on others but your duties are always the same ploughing and trenching the seabed for example or doing a survey working with Subsea Vehicles you could even be on the same charter vessel during the year doing the work on the same vehicle needing 3 different safety certs from 3 different clients classing there work as different in the same waters.

    I have not been able to be put forward quite a few times by not having the GWO for work I do with my bosiet and SCTW95 and my work scope would of been the same.

    while others may need other certs for there duties the client just turns around and says everyone needs that without the understanding of skills / Safety used in other marine based projects and similar offshore industry.

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    There is still a lot of work for ROV qualified ROV personnel, mainly IRM projects. So what is the lowest day rate you still accept ?

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  • 12/21/15--01:54: rov cadet opportunity
  • Welcome to Rov World Omax but you should have done more home work regarding employment in the Rov industry before you paid out any money for a course are you aware that doing a Rov course is not mandatory if you have experience in hydraulics or electronics many company's will put you through there own in house training programs .

    Even before the current recession in the Oil + Gas Industry there was very few openings for Rov Trainees and these days with the price of oil falling lower its very had if not impossible for experience Rov guys to find work let alone Trainees .

    Are you also aware that if after one year of not finding work at your current grade you need to be reassessed again this is in the current MTCS guild lines
    With the price of oil dropping to new lows I can see little change within the foreseeable future some say as late as 2018 unless some thing major happens to push the price of oil up again .

    There are a few agency's in Nigeria + Ghana you can try :- , , , , , , , , , , ,

    All you can do is put your name down and wait but it could be a very long wait . You are now joining the Thousands of others all looking for work in the Rov industry so keep your current job and check back in a few years time . But the school should have made you fully aware that there was very little chance of employment its like buying a car and you have no fuel a total waste of money .

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  • 12/22/15--02:11: rov cadet opportunity
  • Dash !!!!!!!!!

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