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  • 11/27/16--22:52: Requesting Quick Interview
  • This post is more or less a request for any professional in Commercial Diving to answer a small interview. I'm required to do this for my class, however, what I get from this will influence how I feel about pursuing ROV piloting and whether this field is right for me. If any professional may answer these questions, it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. What is your specific career/position?
    2. What are some of your daily tasks in regard to your career/position?
    3. Which required college course would be most useful in regards to your career/position?
    4. Which required course would be least useful?
    5. How is writing and/or speaking used in your position?
    6. What advice would you offer to someone entering the position?
    7. What do you believe are the most ideal personal traits for a person to have in order to obtain the position?
    8. What certifications/majors should someone strive for to secure the position?

    Thank you for listening and I look forward to your answers.

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  • 11/27/16--22:52: Looking for work
  • Hi,

    I am new to ROV world.
    I've been in the ROV industry for 16 years, the majority of the work being on work class systems, although I do have some Lynx experience.
    I have over 10,000 flying hours, supervisory experience and would say I am mechanically Bias.
    I have in date medical and offshore survival and am available immediately.
    Courses completed include T3, HV, PT competencies, Sub Eng competencies and Supervisor competencies.

    I have just left a large ROV company in Aberdeen after having been there for 10 years and worked for Subsea 7 and Global Marine before that.
    A list of vehicles I have experience on, and scope of work accomplished are available to prospective employers.

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  • 11/30/16--23:22: SeaBotix LBV150 ROV, $11000
  • Very interested, Is this unit still for sale?
    please email:
    or alternatively can you send me an email address to contact.


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    Ballsed that one up didn't we. We should have got stronger earlier.

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    You are receiving this email as an ROV professional. My name is Bob Christ with SeaTrepid International and I am the ROV Track Chairman for the 2017 Underwater Intervention Conference in New Orleans dated February 21-23, 2017 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    We are seeking abstracts for this year’s conference and invite you to submit same. Instructions for abstract submission are located at:

    As the current market conditions within our industry persist, we are seeing a consistent call from industry stakeholders to achieve a paradigm of “Delivering More for Less”. As such, the theme for this year’s ROV technical track calls for innovations that deliver value. We request that you consider some of your ideas gained over the past three years to “Brag” about your ability to deliver innovative cost-effective solutions to industry.

    The abstract submission date has been extended in order to allow for a more thoughtful discussion to ensue. The target for this year’s audiences is “Big Solutions from Small Platforms”. This includes all classes of ROVs along with tooling solutions.

    Please feel free to circulate this to other innovative industry professionals that you feel have something to offer this year’s technical program.

    We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans in February for another exciting conference!

    Bob Christ
    ROV Track Chairman
    Underwater Intervention 2017

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  • 12/16/16--00:39: M6 Countersunk Allen Bolt
  • Morning gents,
    anybody successfully retrieved from subsea a countersunk M6 socket head bolt ?
    If so what kit did you use, i am thinking of using either a trash pump or a ZIP jet dredge pump with a filter to catch the bolt,
    ideas on a post card


    or TTT to some

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  • 12/16/16--00:39: ROV Tooling Training
  • Morning Gents,
    any ideas on where i can get some information on ROV Tooling Training. i have had a quick look on MTS website and they have nothing. any other companies doing tooling training ?
    i know SS club 7 does there own inhouse.. but i would need it accredited at some point maybe!


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  • 12/16/16--00:39: Geoteam and MSM Agency
  • I can only confirm too I am onboard at present moment and waiting for disembarkment tomorrow. We have been told that we will be paid but if not happening we will open a court casa against them

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  • 12/16/16--00:39: New member join
  • First of all sorry for my English mistake or forum wrong posting
    Good morning all, I am Alessandro Abbattista and I am just graduated in Mechanical Engineering (short formula 3 years) with thesis named “Performance Evaluation Of Propeller For Rpv” so I am interest in remotely piloted vehicle. Now I want to approach this word and I need some advertises by someone who has more experience than I do and I found this forum online. I need also your stories and everything you want to share with me especially what I have to do to follow that route. Wink

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    rayshields wrote:
    alan305 wrote:
    Hello, I'm newbie here who's interested in a career in unmanned drones, i just wanted to ask if i require a college degree or certificate other than the ROV certification to seek employment in the ROV industry.

    No. In general a Degree does not have enough practical hands on experience. It was once described to me as someone with a degree could tell you the square root of an orange but couldn't peel it.

    Employers want people who can fix and maintain the equipment.

    Hello and congratulation for the interesting forum
    I am graduated but instead other my mate I have practice with electronic and mechanic for little company but I cannot proof that despite my degree that is a piece of paper.
    What do you think I have to do?
    I can peel an orange Laughing

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    Its a scam ,, pure and simple

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    Hello liddelljohn,

    Q3: We will only update the power part of the ROV. The existing control HMI, video and communication will be reused.

    Q4: Regarding the life span of the upgrade: In the upgrade we will replace the original thruster with our own Copenhagen Subsea rim-driven thruster. The thruster is designed to be long lasting: consisting of two solid molded parts, with sea water flowing freely between the rotating part and the stationary part - this means there is no shaft sealing, no air or fluid inside the thruster. What we know about the reliability of our thruster is based on the performance of our 1,000 hour test at full power. After a 1,000 hour test the thruster show no sign of degradation. Therefor the increased reliability was also a reason for the client to do the upgrade. Due to the large surface the rim-drive thruster it has excellent cooling and therefore it's very powerful compared to its propeller size.

    Our idea with the upgrade is that a small powerful vehicle is the best to encounter strong current. What we are trying to learn is: would a skilled ROV operator be able to handle the vehicle in 3-5 knots current even if the required thrust is available? or will this require aid from a navigation system (DVL based INS) to be able to keep the vehicle stationary?

    Also examples of ceased strong current ROV operations would also be appreciated.

    Best regards,

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    Its not the first time I have seen agency's asking for money from personnel most seem to be states side with a few over in Europe but people will try any thing to make a fast buck .

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    Hey Guys,

    I am looking for a ROV that is capable of inspecting and cleaning potable water reservoirs.

    Sizes vary from 15m ro 50m in diameter.

    I have trialed the VideoRay Pro 4 (for inspections) and worked well but at $60KAUD I am seeing if anyone else can reccomend any other to look at?

    For cleaning sediment I have found:

    Any help appreciated.

    Cheers Very Happy

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  • 12/19/16--02:17: ROV Supervisor required
  • seeking ROV Supervisor X1, Good Experience on Explorer
    Start day: ASAP

    Please send your C.V to:


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    Hello Elroy,

    Deep Trekker has great options for inspections, the DTG2 ROV is used in potable tanks and reservoirs around the world. The DTG2 can fit into as small of a space as a 14" pipe and is battery powered, so it is completely portable, while still offering a robust design and 150 meter depth rating. The best part is that the price for one starts at around $4,000 USD.

    My name is Cody Warner, I'd be happy to help answer any questions and determine the best option for your budget. I can be reached at or by phone at 226-21-4181. Visit us at for more information as well.



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  • 12/22/16--11:32: Geoteam and MSM Agency
  • Got paid the first invoice with 20 days delay now we should be paid end of December let's see

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    spark784 wrote:
    Like many, I've started only to check in here very occasionally.
    I've noticed the distinct lack of posts and subjects up for discussion.
    It's this a sign of how many guys have left our industry, don't see any future in it and therfor have nothing to discuss with peers, apathy, or just worn down? .
    This site was a good tool in the past, let's hope it can be again.
    I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017
    Wink Rolling Eyes Wink Rolling Eyes

    I think 2017 will be the recovery back to the top as it surely can't get any worse than it has although I've managed to do ok with 140-150 days averaged other the last two years of the downturn.

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    Hello Spark.

    Think the rot had set in a long time before the downturn in regards to users of this site.

    Think that's why James and Gina were going to shut it down a couple of years back, before moving it on to someone else.

    A lot of people had moved onto the ROV social media sites rather than this forum, but I think the demographic of those in the industry shifted substantially 5 or 6 years ago.

    There doesn't seem to be as much 'community' as there used to be. People are less interested in the job and the equipment, or being good at it. As long as they can get their competancies signed before bob and tim who jioned the same time as them, then they're happy, even if they can't fly or fix the sub.

    Of course 'anyone' can do this job according to the schools and manafacturers, so some of the less scrupulous companies and agencies are using 'anyone' - they're a lot cheaper.

    Irony is that the clients are getting so pissed of with shite ROV people that they are now looking at other alternatives, such as ultra deep sat diving, AUVs, and 'remote operation'

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    Rampion ha ha what a total short cutting cock up,, lots of contract breaches .many local workers on zero hours contracts , questions have been asked by local MPs about problems with local labour treatment including ageism , H&S issues and suppliers bills not paid .
    I can see it from my house ,,,and know a few people working on it ,

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