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    MS1071 3000 meter $5,000.00 OBO.

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  • 02/25/17--21:00: SUBSEA 7 Workers
  • Hi I'm writing a project on the company restructuring at Subsea 7 due to the falling price of oil and the impact that has had on the workers there.

    Attached is a short questionnaire that I would ask if people could please fill in and send back to me at


    massive thanks to anyone that completes the questions as it will help me out big time

    below is the questions

    Questions Part 1

    When oil first began to fall what strategies did the managers adapt at first to try and maintain the workforce?

    What was employee morale like after the redundancies?

    Have the managers made cuts to your wages and working hours?

    Do you feel you are being paid the correct amount of wages considering your specialised skills?

    What is worker morale like at the company today? Are workers highly motivated?

    What strategies are the managers using today to cut costs while maintaining a strong highly skilled workforce?

    What effect are these cuts having on your personal life?

    Do you feel Subsea 7 is just and fair in their practices?

    Lastly is there any further information you could provide me with that gives further insight into the company’s restructuring and the impact that has had on you personally and your fellow workers.

    Question Part 2

    (You may answer the question in part 2 with lighter answers if you wish too)

    On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being poor and 5 being very positive what was your opinion on Subsea 7 when you first joined?

    On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being poor and 5 being very positive what is your opinion of Subsea 7 now?

    What department did you work in?

    Were you satisfied with the opportunities for job growth in the company?

    Was the management side of the company fair with you?

    Where you satisfied with the job related training Subsea 7 offered you?

    Were you satisfied with the investment the organisation made back into itself? (to improve its systems and equipment)

    Did you feel on par with the management at Subsea 7 or did the company feel split with an Us vs them mentality

    Did management successfully make sensible cuts at the company when it had too?

    Did management recognize strong job performance?

    Did you and your manager have a good working relationship?

    Did the workers and Management trust each other?

    Were you satisfied with Job security at Subsea 7


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    more info and pics

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    still for sale

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    This is from a linkedin e-mail sent out on 21st feb 2017 an Announcement in ROV Network.

    From February 16 to March 2, NOAA and partners will use NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer to explore unknown and poorly known deepwater areas in American Samoa and Samoa, with an emphasis on Rose Atoll Marine National Monument, National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, and National Park of American Samoa.

    NOTE: ROV dives are planned, weather permitting, from February 16 - 28, typically from about 8 am to 5 pm SST (2 pm to 11 pm EST).

    Learn more about the expedition here:

    Announcement in ROV Network

    Watch live now! NOAA American Samoa Expedition

    Kevin Cook
    "Hiring top talent from around the world!"

    ROV Members we have something exciting over the next few months. We are bringing to you LIVE the 2017 NOAA American Somoa Expedition!

    From February 16 through March 2, and from April 4 through 21, the NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer will be exploring in and around National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa and Rose Atoll Marine National Monument. In February, using the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Deep Discoverer, scientists will be able to get up close with some of the deep-sea environments that make this sanctuary so unique. And in April, 24-hour mapping operations will help scientists better understand the geography of the region.

    But it's not just scientists who will be able to experience these amazing environments! Okeanos Explorer is equipped with real-time broadband satellite communications that provide the ship with telepresence -- meaning the videos and photos collected with ROVs can be shared on the internet in real time. That means scientists on shore, teachers, students, and you can watch the dives as they happen!

    Tune in here from February 16 through March 2 to watch the dives:
    Watch the LIVE ROV DIVE here!

    Camera 3

    Camera 2

    Camera 1

    Best regards,

    Kevin Cook
    Linkedin- ROV Network

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  • 03/01/17--22:07: Benthos Open Frame Sea Rover
  • Benthos Open Frame Sea Rover. for sale. This Rov was purchased sight unseen from a government auction. It was owned by the US Navy surface warefare branch. It turned out to be larger than the intended surface support vessel could handle so is being re sold.
    The vehicle is complete with 6 thruster's, 2 cameras, 4 lights,360 degree sonar, and a gripper.
    There is also a surface power supply, sonar box, 2 hand boxes, monitors, video sync box, various cables, spare side scan head, spare accumulator, spare driver board and a comprehensive manual that outlines all procedures as well as electrical schematics, circuit board schematics and test and repair procedures. It does not come with umbilical or surface control console. It ships in a shipping crate 80 x 38 x 38 inches and weighs 1000 pounds when crated.
    Asking $11000 obo. May consider parting out if interest in major components.
    45 images available at

    some specs for vehicle are,
    6x nvc-151-m thrusters, Kongsberg simrad model 971 675khz 1000meter sonar, 4 benthos lights, benthos micro tv camera model 4202, 3 DOF benthos gripper,

    Pictures are as follows.
    #1- simrad mod 971 sonar #2- benthos lights x4 #3- benthos gripper #4-benthos micro tv 4202 #5 & #6 thrusters model nvc-151-m
    #7- acumulator #8- front end of housing with ptz camera #9- #10front end circuit cards all dry and clean #11 #12- front view of vehicle (no float attached)
    #13- #14- back end of vehicle #15- Thruster driver cards all clean and dry #16- side view. #17 - front view #18- topside equipment #19- TCR power supply, model 350T30-4-0v input 480v 3 phase 60hz output 0-350vdc 0-30 amps, #20- hotronic AP41 frame synchronizer, Simrad MS900 sonar box, 2 x sony monitors
    #21- industrial computers monitor #22- primary hand box benthos model NVD-061-J #23- secondary hand box benthos model NVD-259 #24- hand box extension cable #25- simrad sonar cable #26- benthos gripper hand control #27- sonar test cable #28-spare cables for lights ,gripper #29- benthos strobe model 388
    #30- benthos MAB06 cable cutter 24v #31- spare accumulator #32- simrad duel transducer side scan head model 971-8 675hz #33- benthos mini camera housing(no camera) #34- 2 spare domes #35 #36 manual

    Pleas pm me for further details.


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    yes, its still available.

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    The Guardian is an ultra portable underwater inspection robot, thanks to its 4 horizontal and one vertical thrusters, it can be operated down to 150m depth. Fitted with two high resolution color cameras, one on pan&tilt, and LED lighting, it has been especially designed for long range missions (> 400 m in canalizations). Thanks to an ancillary
    plug, various accessories such as sonars, gauges and a manipulator arm can be easily mounted on the Guardian. The control console is fitted with a 8’’ LCD screen, a digital
    recorder/reader, joysticks and touchpad to select the automatic modes, and two video outputs for additional screens or recorders. The complete system with its umbilical is
    packaged in one single transport case with a total weight of 29kg.

    More technical specifications :


    The ROV have a 200 meters Ombillic and 2 switch to plug external sensor. The machine was bought in July, 2013 and doesn't have magnetic coupling.
    Price : 12 000 Euros

    More picture and video on demand.




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    Hi there,

    are there any repairs / updates to be made to this ROV? do all components work?
    does it come with any spares?
    thanks much

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  • 03/13/17--03:54: Teledyne BV5000 sonar
  • Hi guys!

    Does anyone have an experience with the Teledyne Blueview BV5000 sonar?
    Plan to use it for tunnel inspection with close to zero visibility, need to build a 3D model.


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    The machine is complete and totally operational. Maintained at SubseaTech. 4 power levels, preservation of depth and course, front and back camera, possibility of inverting the commands for piloting via back camera, front camera on gimbal, functional leds, 200 meters of ombiliic, system of display of the images with recorder integrated on SD card, supplied in a pelcase box, this version is not equipped with the magnetic couplings and require an on-surface supply.

    The machine has still dived yesterday. The machine always worked inhsore until maximum 60 meter depth.
    All the equipment is functional without breakdown. Extra propellers and small chandlery supplied.


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    Hi John, yes; we've been working in many confined spaces; cells of a condeep-type platform gravity base structure for one. The major advantage over sonar is that we don't have so many issues with multi-bounce and ringing echos.

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    John, is this for work in an inshore tunnel or offshore?

    If I keep my laser hat on one thing I can think of at the moment is actually just taking a few line lasers and project a swath infront of you. It might give slightly better illumination characteristics than flood lit illumination by keeping scattered light source in a thin plane but you may find it's just clutching at straws if the water clarity is just too bad. We did this during some trenching operations in Turkey and it was only a marginal improvement. Obviously not what you want if the situation is more dynamic or you're floating around valves.

    Now putting my offshore hat on - I would go for a 3D imaging sonar and mess with the gain ....

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    thought i had posted some pics

    here goes

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    Hi John,

    I've put up an image from the underwater laser-aided trenching job below; really for illustrative purposes, (but also if someone looks for similar information later on down the line.) In any case, if your visibility is akin to that observed below then perhaps this may be relevant to you after all.

    The image below shows a Lumeneye underwater laser profiler mounted on what I presume is the front of a subsea jet trenching unit. I suspect the laser may be pointing downwards towards the seabed beneath the trencher.

    I didn't have a technician out on this job unfortuntely; it was just our unit being used to test whether or not there would be a sufficient detection of the seabed for the pilots during landout onto the lay-product. The imaging would have been much better than achieved below if the operator had placed the video camera in close proximity and offset laterally to the underwater laser projector. (By way of example - the Lumeneye underwater laser shown here is only 30mm diameter so it's been mounted quite a distance abaft the laser unit). I also suspect if the ROV flood lights had been reduced or directed elsewhere the laser swath would have been easier to observe too.

    We have put together a real-time image processing system that to some extent enables the existing camera to improve the detection of the laser swath amidst the scattering, but in this market no one is really paying for it. The human eye does a pretty amazing job at picking up the laser swath amidst the scattering anyway. It's not a game-changer, just a marginal improvement. The client liked it but they didn't want to stump up for the LIDAR version of it.

    Incidentally; if you are looking at this image on a laptop, you may find that the laser line here becomes easier to see if you move your head a few feet back and move your head around a bit too). I think there's something to do with the way the brain receives low contrast signals like this from LED monitor screen. I promise this isn't our attempt to have a few hundred ROV project managers in Aberdeen doing the reverse of the trainee sonar calibration procedure..... OR MAYBE IT IS !!!

    Best Regards,


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    thanks savante ,, more food for thought ,, will you be at southampton show ???

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    afraid not; it's the start of our silly season now and I'm thin on the ground as it is. give me a call if you need.

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    Found this old footage on an old vhs tape filmed in 1993, not the best quality. Some old faces people may recognise.

    PART 1

    PART 2

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    For sale: DTG2 Worker Deep Trekker $6,960

    System Includes:

    DTG2 ROV
    75M tether
    Heavy duty reel
    Integrated LCD screen controller
    Robust Carrying Case
    2 function grabber arm
    Depth Rating: 150 M

    Total hrs of use: approx 25

    Photos can be seen here:

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