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  • 12/13/14--16:58: Oceaneering Batam Training
  • Is Oceaneering's training facility in Batam ran on a set schedule or are courses ran as needed?
    I was curious how often the classes start up and how many seats per class.

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  • 12/13/14--16:58: Norwegian Tax when PAYE
  • Thanks Ray,
    They have paid tax, just not correctly. It more the annoyance of being sent somewhere to work then having to sort my own tax affairs out when they have messed up. Im waiting to see what happens then i might see if my union rep can earn some of his money.

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    jamesmc wrote:
    People..... the original post was Posted: 19:22 Sat 13th Jun 2009

    Are you seriously expecting the OP to respond after 5 ½ years???

    Well they are based in the swamps, things happen a little slower over there. I was just giving them some time to get their R and D sorted before we asked for some pix Wink

    Guess they're just camera shy.....

    OliverPMP are you on some kind of hallucinogenic drug? Laughing

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  • 12/16/14--23:12: Optical fibre CPP and BCR
  • Looking for any insights into the various optical fibre bulkhead and complementary tails out there. Any reccommendations?

    We are currently looking at the opto-link connector product range from Macartney. Anyone used them?

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    HI Guys,

    Hope you are well,

    I am currently looking for the below…..

    Project no: 1

    Personnel: 2x ROV Sup and 4x Pilot Tech
    SOW: ROV Survey
    Location: Dubai
    Mob date: ASAP
    Duration: Approx 2-4 weeks
    Vehicle: Seaeye Vehicle TBC
    Please note a valid HS2 certificate will be required

    Project no: 2

    Personnel: 1x ROV Sup & 2x ROV Pilot tech
    SOW: Rig move positioning
    Location: Qatar
    Mob: 15th January 2015
    Duration: 7 to 20 days
    Vehicle: Seaeye Vehicle TBC
    Please note a valid HS2 certificate will be required

    Please send your updated CV to or call 01502 509205.

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  • 12/16/14--23:12: Oceaneering Batam Training
  • Part of the info is here:
    The Introduction to ROV Training Course is 26 days in duration. The course is demanding with classes held 7 days per week. Only ROV Technical and Operational specific curriculum is taught. Course size will be limited to 12 students, to ensure a high Instructor / student ratio.
    Please, keep in mind the course is pretty expensive- about 12000 USD.
    Best wishes!

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    Sorry T Boy the down turn I am referring to is due to the drop in oil prices and nothing to do with the seasonal drop which as we both know is normal this time of year .
    This is the type of thing I mean

    Agency's have been around a very long time and unfortunately there are good ones and bad ones .As for getting people on there books the last thing you need when searching for employment is a load of fake jobs .

    When you have a mortgage to pay and a family to support any information on finding employment is useful domain or any others .
    My intentions with this list is to give those some idea how many agency's there are out there dealing with Rov Personnel and not the few that flood this forum .

    As for going direct or via agency that's up to the individual however we all ready know from reading past topics on this forum how much money the agency earns off your back money that should be in your pocket and not there's.

    So the choice is yours !

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  • 12/19/14--07:56: Optical fibre CPP and BCR
  • Used these, pretty good.


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    Just seen this online the ad is on Rigzone .

    Good Luck


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  • 12/19/14--07:56: Outlook for 2015

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    2015 marks the launch of a new breed of offshore personnel agency. “ROV, Diver & Survey Talent”, or RDS Talent for short. Be patient, this is a long forum post but well worth the read if you are serious in making your offshore life better in all aspects.

    Before you say “Oh no… Not another Agency”, please read on and prepare yourself for a surprise. Why? Because we are wildly different in a positive way compared to the traditional agency you know today. The founders of RDS Talent are all long-term offshore professionals that sadly have observed first hand several wrong turns the last years by the traditional personnel agency.

    Let us elaborate on a couple of those wrong turns and explain how RDS Talent will tackle this with a no profit maximization way of thinking that greatly benefits the client and our offshore personnel.

    Case 1: The right guy for the job is not necessarily the guy landing the job. Needless to say, this benefits the personnel agency only, and not the client. RDS Talent believes that the client will miss out on some really good talents because of this. In many cases, the CV’s to those talents are never even forwarded to the client because a guy with a bit lower day rate requirements or lower mobilization cost are preferred.

    What are RDS Talent’s take on this? Well, we believe that this is a very flawed way of thinking. The client’s interests should always be an agency’s first and only priority with no exceptions. RDS guaranty that when we source for talents for clients, we will forward all CV’s that meets the client’s criteria. Further down come proofs that we put clients and personnel interests first, and not profit maximization. Please read on…

    Case 2: Are you tired of “What is your rate agencies”? So are we… This case has similarities with case no 1. Nearly all other agencies will ask you this question either on email or when you speak with them on the phone regarding work. The only purpose of this question is again a tool for other agencies to maximize profit.

    So what do us in RDS Talent have to say to this?... We guaranty that you will never hear us ask you that question when working with us because we believe the “what is your rate” question again results in an unwanted prioritizing of CV’s being forward to the client.

    We are almost there… the proof of why we started with “This Changes Everything”. Keep on reading. Just one more case…

    Case 3. Uplift for certain work locations. All offshore personnel that have worked in Norwegian waters are familiar with the high Norwegian tax rate. To solve for this, offshore personnel have been paid an uplift in form of either a fixed extra rate on top, or a percentage extra to your day rate. This is nothing new. However, many of us feel there is a constant struggle with other agencies to receive this uplift, and to receive the whole uplift offered to the agency. Consider this example. Your vessel suddenly got re-routed to Norwegian sector for some add-on work. You wait a couple of days, but hear nothing from your agency. When you confront them, they acknowledge that you will receive an uplift, and offer you say 20%. You are still not happy with it and manage to push it up to 25%. Well, ok, you end up accepting it trusting that this is what the agency is being paid by the client. Later you find out that the client actually paid your agency 35% and pocketed the rest of YOUR uplift…

    What is there to say from us in RDS Talent regarding this? We shake our heads in disbelief. It’s just not right! An uplift should be 100% credited to the offshore personnel to cover higher tax, and not be another tool for profit maximization by some agents.

    Ok, so here we are. Following is the proof that RDS Talent is not just throwing out empty words. We are so convinced that always putting the client first is the only way to push ahead. Equally important is you as an offshore worker and we want nothing but a 100% trust relationship between us. To achieve that, we are sharing a considerable part of our profit with you as an offshore talent working for us! Yes, you read it right. RDS Talent will boost your day rates on our cost to levels no other agency provide offshore worker with today. When posting jobs, or sourcing for talents in various channels, we will post rates based on going rates and include your part of our profit without asking the “what is your rate” question. You are guarantied to see results on your bank account after a trip or two.

    As this forum post has already gotten very long, we will refer you to our website to read even more as the joy does not stop here. There is more…. On our website you will find links with more in-depth information for both the client and offshore talents. Here is a hint: “RDS Loyalty program” and our digital web and smart phone solutions to make your offshore life better.

    At the moment RDS Talent is still in a pre launch state and we are working on setting up and office in Bangkok and Norway as well. We will be fully operational within the start of next season. Our software team are still working on the web based solutions and mobile phone apps so registering with us at the moment is still not possible. Once this portal is up running we will let you know so you can start building your digital profile and CV. No messy word or Excel sheets will be used. It's all online and safe. You can still contact us on from the web site if you want.

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  • 12/20/14--08:12: Outlook for 2015
  • The last big dip I recall was around 85/86. I started offshore in 85 as a diver.... didn't look back!

    One thing I have always done is made sure there is enough money around (buffer/rainy day fund - call it what you wish) for what could be a quiet period and also any winter/low season It's never been good practice to burn your cash over the winter/low season and EXPECT work to be there when you need it most!

    If you are one of those that has been in the industry a few (recent) years working away, expecting work all year around every year, keeping up with the Jones's, hocked up to the eyeballs with mortgage, car loan etc then you'll likely crash and burn next year if you are not useful to the system.

    I've lost count of the number of UK based boats I've been on where people were talking about buying the latest whiz bang super motor as they can 'afford it' (seemingly). A few might regret that ill conceived decision in the coming year!

    Just re-read what I wrote and this has turned into a bit of a doom and gloom post, but it really is a reality check!

    If you are working on a tight budget then start offloading anything that will drag you under I say. Sell that super car and get something sensible or older. If the wife has to go then so be it Wink

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    Good post. Good luck! Thumb Up

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  • 12/20/14--08:12: Optical fibre CPP and BCR
  • thanks martin/kalbo!

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    What I'm surprised about is the advert, not the fact trainees being taken on.

    We have been having a steady trickle of trainees over the last few years, as it does take a few years to get people up to speed you do need a steady stream of fresh blood.

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    Found this link on Fugro's website. It looks like the same on Rigzone.

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    Good Morning all,

    We are seeking 4-8 Triton XLX Supv/Pilots for our client for whole year of 2015 . The successful candidates need enough experience in flying Triton .If you have worked for DOF before will be great!!!

    This is a full time salaried position based in the China office.

    If you are interested in this position, please can you forward your CV to along with your notice period / availability and your salary expectations. Or call +86-0755-26815498

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    HIRING : Are you an experienced ROV operative with over 400 Pilot hours?

    Bryant are currently seeking EXPERIENCED Rov personnel in a variety of positions with our blue chip client starting in early 2015:

    • Starting on : Options available to start January 2015 and beyond.
    • Trip length : 5 to 6 weeks.
    • Most hold over 400 pilot hours – NO TRAINEE’S.

    IMPORTANT: To apply, Bryant would request that you provide your updated CV along with answers to the below questions:

    • What level do you work at please?
    • (Yes or No) Have you got a current valid passport please?
    • (Yes or No) Have you got Saudi Aramco approval?
    • (Yes or No) Is your Offshore Survival in date?
    • (Yes or No) Is your Offshore OGUK Medical in date?
    • (Yes or No) Have you had an in date Yellow fever vaccination ?
    • (Yes or No) Have you got a Seamans book?
    • What is your Nationality?
    • Are you happy to work in all International locations, list any you are not?
    • Do you have any valid visa’s – if so for which country(s)?
    • (Yes or No) Have you used Innovator Rov’s before?
    • (Yes or No) Have you used Triton / XL / XLX / XLS Rov’s before?
    • (Yes or No) Have you used SMD, HD or UHD Rov’s before?
    • Have you any other experience (e.g Seaeye/Sub Atlantic) if so list?
    • How many flying hours have you got in total under 400 to 500, 500 to 1000 or over 1000?
    • What date are you available from next please?

    Answers to these questions and updated CV should be sent to

    We look forward to hearing from you,


    Bryant Ocean
    -a division of Bryant Engineering Services Ltd

    Bryant House
    440 Union Street
    AB10 1TR

    T: 01224 643736
    F: 01224 656000

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  • 12/23/14--10:07: Energy Subsea
  • Energy Subsea riding again.
    Now in L.A. check webpage

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  • 12/31/14--00:39: Energy Subsea
  • oops thats what happens when you try and cut n paste links on your phone lol!

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