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    Good news then Smile

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    Good news then Smile

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  • 01/21/16--12:04: Seaeye Tiger Issue
  • Would that fault, not affect all thrusters connected to that card?



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    Good Day,

    VROS Marine is currently hiring experienced SMD Quasar personnel for an upcoming project to carry out IRM work.

    This contract starts around 2nd quarter of 2016

    Personnel Required:

    2 x Supervisors
    2 x Pilot
    2 x Technicians

    Personnel should have five years experience with about 2 - 3 years on vehicle type.

    Please send most recent applications with CV to:

    Thank you and best regards

    VROS Marine Pte Ltd
    27 Foch Road, Hoa Nam Building
    #03 - 04 Singapore 209264


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    do you know anybody needing 8 resolvers , 4 moog servo valves and 4 fiber optic modules for focal systems... they are all brand new pics and part numbers upon request

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    Is that Sea Bass's parts or your parts zoey?

    I always wonder where people magically receive these goods and then are selling for well under market value. You don't accidently come across Schilling parts in a box at the back of your garage or buy them down the local car boot.

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  • 01/27/16--13:40: Whats going on here?
  • Food for thoughts guys. This is a free forum. I'm sure the admins are doing what they can.

    Validating manually is likely too time consuming.

    I personally am more annoyed about all the "I'm new to ROVs, how can I get a job?" posts.

    Very Happy

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    Same thoughts here, Ray.

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  • 01/27/16--13:40: Free swimmer
  • Multiple places really. Small boats, harbour walls, full size vessels, barges etc etc. I understand the need to keep away from thrusters etc as per normal but wondered if folk had tried a clump weight with an eye for the tether to run through or floats on it instead?
    It's a small inspection class ROV but quite a capable one, up to 4kts.
    Will be mostly inshore stuff but some Northsea and harbour environments also. Curious about the clump weight idea

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  • 01/28/16--14:38: Fish farm work
  • Also wanting to service Fish Farms due to the downturn in the Oil & Gas. Have experience diving on the farms so am aware of the limitations the ROV has to offer. I see a huge potential for ROVs working Fish Farms!! Just need to workout how I can remove the morts (deads) from the bottom of cage. Any ideas?

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  • 01/28/16--14:38: Free swimmer
  • OK I'll just give you my 2 cents on the clump weight idea then.

    Considering the size of vehicle you are talking about the tether will be small and malleable.

    The primary reason I would consider using a clump weight is to divert away from a thruster or obstruction but I would only do this if I had no other choice. I would seriously question the necessity of putting my system in that position in the first place...

    It's a double edge knife. the idea seems great and has been done before but there is no way to ensure the tether will not build up above the clump weight causing an excess amount to float around shallow increasing the chances of entanglement with structures, thrusters, etc.

    The tether can build up there because your ROV is not pulling fast enough VS the surface winch paying out, you have slack tether and the current is pushing it, etc... Note that current is usually stronger at surface... This will be worst if your tether is neutral or buoyant.

    If you do want to try it out. You should consider buying some plastic rods (acetale preferably) drill in the center, put ss pipe in and mount 4 rollers in a square shape. The rollers and "hole for the tether" should be as big as reasonably practical but the rollers should be close vertically to prevent damage to your tether. (check your tether specification for the minimum bend radius) You can build a simple frame with aluminium and use scuba diver weights to mount below the rollers. Put an eye bolt on the side and use whatever rope you fancy. The rope has to be offset to one side else you will have it entangling with your tether.

    I'm sure different folks have different opinions the truth is the requirements and results vary depending on the working conditions and scenarios.

    Rule of thumb is your tether is best underwater/on the seabed where you have some control versus on the surface where you have none. Therefore, free flying is definitely better with a slightly negative tether. I would use floats near the ROV to compensate the weight and keep the tether off the seabed only if the seabed is soft to keep it from destroying the visibility. Else I would let it be because it is easier to manage.

    Bottom line is don't "add" complications unless their is a need. IE don't put a clump weight cause it seems like a good idea...

    Hope this helps.


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    Do you have experience using a remote control. lolllll

    Have you ever troubleshooted failures with incandescent 100 watts screw on type light emitting bulbs.

    I wonder if these guys ever get asked these stupid questions when they apply to be recruiters...

    "Oh you want to work as a recruiting agency?

    Do you have experience with Lenovo A5000 running windows 8.1 but using outlook version 7.8374?"

    Best answer to the email you got is yes, I quit this industry, don't contact me again. Or my personal favorite: "My rate is 1500USD a day and don't contact me unless you can afford me..."

    It really irritates me to be contacted by juniors that are out fishing. I just plainly refuse to deal with them. And if people want this to stop then they should stop "biting". Just contact your regular agency to validate the work.

    I know the senior recruiters and they know me if anything decent comes along they get in touch.

    Those of us that have been around for long enough don't need agencies to find work anyway...

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    Funny how no one wants to answer that.

    The answer is it depends on the need...

    The greater the need, the lower we'll go for.

    At present I am gainfully employed so my minimum is what I am being paid right now. How much that is is none of your business.

    I will say this, a friend recently offered me 875usd a day for a supervisor role and I refused. I forwarded the job to some of my other friends.

    Also understand that I am at the top of the ROV ladder, I have a lot of contacts, experience and a good consistent professional reputation. I am also well situated which is another determining factor.

    I am only sharing this so the more experienced guys out there can see their are still jobs that pay reasonably well and you should be patient and not undersell yourselves. Once the industry pics up again, everyone will be screaming for bodies.

    If people go out for cheap then they are doing themselves and everyone else a disservice.


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    Sound advise mate, and yup I'm pretty sure a few of your comments will rub a few lads up the wrong way, but like you say you've got to be realistic

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    Ray and John have been on this forum a very long time and have contributed positively to this site all those years.

    On the other hand your posts are far from constructive and I find it ironic how you fit your own criticism of others.

    I am in the market for some focal boards, but if you had any idea what you were selling you would be more specific as there are several models available with different configurations.

    I just got a quote 2 days ago directly from Moog...

    Do PM me your boss' contact details as I would like to have a word with him about it and how he is being represented on here.

    Proof of ownership is mandatory.


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    Hi guys,

    I recently purchased the attached winch from an old Scorpio and was wondering if anyone had a manual for a similar model.

    I am told this is a Sea-mac winch but I am wondering if the company ceased trading since their website: is unresponsive.


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    zoey77386 wrote:
    look john and ray, if you guys don't know what your talking about do talk shit.. that why the rov industry is so messed up because idiots like you two.. this world believes in assumes so if you don't know keep your big ass mouths shut..i was selling something for my boss so if you have a problem take it up with him.

    Hey zoey, just to correct you with your assumptions. The rov industry is not so messed up because ray and me. Its got to do with the low oil price - I repeat - l o w o i l p r i c e.

    Getting all fired up over some posts is definitely not good for your health - breath in.........breath out , but then I could not care less. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

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    Hello All,

    I am looking for:

    FOCAL 907E 3000 or 6000 PSI tolerant topside and bottom.

    Legit sellers only.


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  • 01/29/16--22:50: ROVPR Middle East Pay
  • I also saw on linked in from a friend that they were offering 350USD a day for supervisors.

    This company is clearly taking more than the usual 15-20% agencies usually charge and are trying to bank on desperation.

    I understand that they too are suffering and that they probably do this in order to remain afloat.

    Thing is Agencies now have this attitude that we work for them when in fact they work for us...

    10-15 years ago, a guy from an agency would be paid more to compensate for the higher risk of job irregularity.

    Now that they have been flooded by ROV hands the agency workers are usually paid less then staff operators.

    More and more the more qualified hands have transferred to staff positions and what remain in agencies are weaker professionals. This affects the reputation of ALL agency guys quite negatively.

    I've used agencies a couple of times and found that by the time I got offshore, I had to fight this stigma that I was incompetent.

    I've also been on the hiring side and used agency guys to fill my crewing gaps and what I got was not impressive at all.

    Such a shame to see how this side of the industry has fallen to such standards.

    If Agency guys start going for such low rates, they will collectively loose the little credibility they have left.

    In my opinion, Agencies such as this one are digging their own graves...

    Can't fight human nature I guess.

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    Hello guys,

    this forum is more than a way for you to find a job or gauge how much money you should go for...

    Same guys end up posting on here all the time.

    Stop keeping your cards to yourselves thinking it gives you the edge over your peers because in my book, that is the kind of employee I avoid.

    I see a lot of people view topics, especially the ones about money. Funny how nobody has any opinion on it...

    Share your knowledge, get involved, you never know who is reading.

    Greed is why we are paid lower then divers. They stick together, we don't.

    Think about it.

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