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  • 01/30/16--23:32: Whats going on here?
  • Food for thoughts guys. This is a free forum. I'm sure the admins are doing what they can.

    Validating manually is likely too time consuming.

    I personally am more annoyed about all the "I'm new to ROVs, how can I get a job?" posts.

    Very Happy

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  • 01/30/16--23:32: ROVPR Middle East Pay
  • DT AMANDA apologies for that noted

    Chewy nice post there i agree totally, there are low rates and then there is taking the piss and these guys are defo the later.

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    John99 wrote:
    zoey77386 wrote:
    look john and ray, if you guys don't know what your talking about do talk shit.. that why the rov industry is so messed up because idiots like you two.. this world believes in assumes so if you don't know keep your big ass mouths shut..i was selling something for my boss so if you have a problem take it up with him.

    Hey zoey, just to correct you with your assumptions. The rov industry is not so messed up because ray and me. Its got to do with the low oil price - I repeat - l o w o i l p r i c e.

    Getting all fired up over some posts is definitely not good for your health - breath in.........breath out , but then I could not care less. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

    Clearly you don't understand your position in the global oil industry, ITS ALL YOUR FAULT! 😝

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  • 02/01/16--00:11: Free swimmer
  • Thanks Chewy, great advice. I'm new to free swimmers ( used to XLX family and sub Atlantic in general) and I'm about to start on some aquaculture work away from O&G for a while. I had mulled over the clump weight idea but agree that there is a risk that the tether could gather up, especially as it's just me operating ( ie no tether monkey). I'm quite prepared to go and see how it goes and adapt as necessary, but my prior military background still creeps in every now and again and suggests to me to seek advice from those whom may have more experience. So, thanks for your advice, it will be logged. 👍🏻

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  • 02/02/16--00:45: Free swimmer
  • No problem. If you have any other questions let me know.


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    Good Day,

    VROS Marine is currently hiring experienced SMD Quasar personnel for an upcoming project to carry out IRM work.

    This contract starts around 2nd quarter of 2016

    Personnel Required:

    2 x Supervisors
    2 x Pilot
    2 x Technicians

    Personnel should have five years experience with about 2 - 3 years on vehicle type.

    Please send most recent applications with CV to:

    Thank you and best regards

    VROS Marine Pte Ltd
    27 Foch Road, Hoa Nam Building
    #03 - 04 Singapore 209264


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  • 02/03/16--00:46: Free swimmer
  • Archie,

    Having worked with small ROV's that can do 4kts for more than 14 years (I'm pretty sure I know what system you are using...) I can tell you there are really only two times we've ever used clump weights. The first is if you are operating in a strong current and you want to reduce the drag on the ROV (i.e. you put the weight 20M back from the rov, this is your 'expedition' length. Now you aren't affected by the tether drag from the weight to the surface, only what is between the weight and the ROV). The second is when you don't want part of your tether rubbing up against something (say a hull).
    If you are inside a fish farm net inspecting the nets or removing the morts, there really is no reason to clump weight the tether. If you have any questions feel free to PM me...


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  • 02/03/16--00:46: ROVPR Middle East Pay
  • Already discussed on here back in 2014

    Very funny how their name is easily confused with the well known Agency PR Offshore (Proffs).

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    Dear All,

    Many thanks for responding to my request with regards to ROV personnel for Quasar.

    While I have responded to most of the people who have send to me their CV. I might have also miss some of you guys in the respond.

    I will keep you updated once we have shortlisted the CV and the project is finalize.

    Thank you and best regards

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    hello, any surveyors/data processors on here looking for some spot work in norway? this is not in the oil and gas. it's working for a diving/service company doing some seabed mapping. the main thing is to be able to process data from the teledyne RESON seabats.

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  • 02/05/16--01:53: Free swimmer
  • Bokkie,

    The way I've done it is to grab them with the manipulator and either bring them all the way out or if you have a net with a line that you drop them into, then haul the net out...


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  • 02/06/16--01:53: Free swimmer
  • Hi all,

    Bookie and others, if you're interested in how to remove morts from the cage Deep Trekker has recently released a mort retrieval system, which has extensively been tested and proven in fish farms.

    Because the ROV can rotate 180 degrees, you scan scoop up the morts really easily to bring them up to the top, or push them to the lift up system.

    You can check it out here, there is a video as well:

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    What number is it ?

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    Attended the Subsea Expo, in Aberdeen, last week, quite a black picture being painted for 2016 by agencies, operators, equipment suppliers and manufacturers alike.
    Good to catch up with some old faces though, although my sore head might not agree!!.
    I hope all my friends and colleagues past, present and future manage to secure gainful employment throughout the year.

    PS: "windfarms in Helgoland have a full inspection program kicking off in April/May"

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    No need to, he won't be posting anymore Very Happy

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    Read it, Didn't touch it, I'm a very old man, and this ain't my first barbeque!!! Laughing Rolling Eyes Laughing Rolling Eyes

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  • 02/19/16--04:15: Got this Email this morning,
  • ROV Supervisor
    Must have Schilling HD experience
    4 Weeks
    Mobilising ASAP

    Please contact us ASAP.
    Please send an in date CV to:

    Hope it helps someone Very Happy

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  • 02/19/16--04:15: Who left the industry?
  • I did, got laid off, no work blah blah blah. After all the years with the knuckle heads, happy though the experience remains. Got out of ROVs and straight into Instrumentation on FPSOs-Angola. I had an Electronics qualification when I started ROVs anyhow. Unlike most of pple I worked with had nothing just happened to know someone who worked in Aberdeen office and they got the job, you know the type, backstabbing, d*@k sucking shite.

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  • 02/19/16--04:15: Shilling T4 and Rigmaster
  • Anyone in Norway selling used T4 and Rigmaster ?

    Please contact me.

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    Only scans when you turn clockwise followed by counterclockwise Very Happy

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