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    I started this thread a couple of weeks ago, then logged in today to check any updates.
    So many views and yet so few additions.
    Since I first posted, I've attended the sub sea expo and spoke to loads of offshore guys there, and via email and phone, and we are all in the same boat. Facing a struggle to find contracts, being offered lower day rates, cuts to travel days or whatever.
    We all know that both recruiters and company men regularly check out the forums on sites like this one, my question was directed to them and yet there has been no input of any note.
    Guess everyone is still too busy having their cake and eating it, even now!. Rolling Eyes Question Rolling Eyes Question

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    I remember 1986 and 1990 slumps ,
    Also been in the industry as a freelancer for many years Rolling Eyes
    The big difference regarding this particular year is the Glutton of 'pilots' , - Training Schools and Agencies ( Or Leaches as I like to call them ) sprouting up all over the place. This time of the year is ALWAYS quiet ! Makes sense as the weather is not ideal for Operations and waste of money keeping Crewed up WOW in port. All 'Old hands' no this !
    Companies wanting to expand increase their employees and now they are made redundant which increases the amount of freelancers. The Inspection Program went into overdrive due to the Piper Alpha tragedy. We had a Flash in the pan FibreOptic Industry and now we have the Windfarm generating extra work for ROV's as well as the Oil and Gas.
    The Oil and Gas companies cut back on the maintenance and inspection programs due to loss in Profits but this WILL turn round and bite them in the ass when their Assets fall apart and there is Death and major injury on them. This will inject new work for us. If you are Naïve to think Just because you have done a "ROV course" at a "ROV School" with a Videoray or other 'Micro ROV' that you will be entitled to mass amounts of money ................. Think again ! ......... Another reason why the rates are shite is because of desperate people with no experience willing to go out for peanuts YOU ARE THEN THE BUMS ON SEATS ! Confused If you are a 'Oldhand' you know this and will have put money aside for these such occasions ! It ain't rocket science ! We had the same problem with the diving industry and the Coded welding institute seeing a means of making money ! Money grabbing W#nkers and their expiry dates ! Confused Yet without the certs in date ......... You did not go out on a Job let alone go in the water ! If you lie about your experience ........... YOU WILL GET FOUND OUT and Black listed Simples.

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    Qualified ROV Pilot Tech looking for work.
    I'm a duel national, (British and South African) and hold valid passports for both countries. I currently reside in South Africa.
    Also have current police clearance cert.
    Yellow card also up to date.

    For up to date CV and Certs please Email me at or express interest on this thread and I will respond or PM me.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    Might be worth emailing the company who manufactured the board for Tritech.

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  • 02/24/16--15:40: Who left the industry?
  • As Duncan used to say on Dragons Den:-

    "Ahm Oot!"

    My cakes and chocolate business is much more fun

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  • 02/27/16--16:37: Who left the industry?
  • am oot also,

    working as an ROV consultant in the aquaculture industry in norway. loving it.

    we are also building a net cleaning ROV, watch this space Wink

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    I am looking for an ROV Supervisor & an ROV Pilot Tech, both with SMD Quantum experience, with CSWIP 3.4u certificates and the relevant IMCA/MTCS certificates.

    This is for a 4 week long pipeline inspection project in Asia starting mid-March.

    The client is offering very reasonable rates for this work.

    If you are interested, please email me at or call me on +44 (0)20 7014 0231 as I don't check this often.

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  • 02/27/16--16:37: ROVPR Middle East Pay
  • Massive short termism as well by these agencies.

    With rates like that, you are unlikely to get the better guys. When you send me someone who is a walking disaster, your agency gets blacklisted along with them. No shortage of good contractors at the minute.

    Way the industry right now, you should focus on quality. It's not 2010 anymore, when a few solid techs can carry the idiots because there is so much work and not enough warm bodies. You might make 40% of a crap guy for 4 weeks, but I won't touch you again. Best to make 20% off a good guy who gets a regular rotation.

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    R.D.S Talent is looking for Fibre Optic Cable Jointers for a project in SEA. Successful candidate *MUST* hold UJ with PGU training.

    Please contact Mr Ben Perry on or +66 97 031 4029

    Best regards

    Ben Perry
    RDS Talent Co.Ltd
    388 Exchange Tower, Sukhumvit Rd.
    Khlong Tan, Klong Toey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
    Phone: +66 (0) 2105 4265

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    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Rolling Eyes

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  • 02/28/16--16:56: ROV FALCON
  • SEAEYE FALCON ROV Including new brand SeaPrince Tritech Sonar for sale.
    In excellent condition ,always well maitained and upgraded
    Two Umbilical's & Full Spares parts
    System is ready to work.

    If seriously interested please contact for further details :

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  • 02/28/16--16:56: Who left the industry?
  • I spent a few months scratching my head as to whether I was unemployed, retired, or on vacation. Retirement wins. I always figured I could dip back for a month here and there for the occasional quick 30k and make a temporary travel agency out of an employer but that's no longer an option. I leave it to the young and ambitious. No fun these days for one who thrives in markets that seek quality and continuity.

    No complaints. Tip o' the hat to the biz that kept me in fun, frolic, travel, whiz bang work and provided enough to save for the mellow days.

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    andyrose wrote:
    I take it this is a piss take! Nobody would be serious about this would they?

    Please tell me this is not a serious offer!

    Hey Andy,

    This is what our client has requested, and it is unfortunately a serious requirement. I appreciate that it may seem unusual to have one person doing two people's jobs, however this is the requirement set by our client (and we do not have much input into this I'm afraid).

    Fortunately, since people possessing the set experience are like unicorns the client is considering changing the requirements to just SMD Quantum experience and certification to the specified levels.

    If you have the SMD Quantum experience, but do not possess the CSWIP 3.4u cert, I would be happy to still consider you for this position if you are interested?

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  • 03/02/16--18:40: ROV Crew required
  • This just came in no other details are available :-

    We have the following requirements for an offshore project, please advise interest and availability.

    2 X ROV Sup with CSWIP 3.4
    4 X ROV P/T with CSWIP 3.2

    Steve Drover


    #10-230 FABER HOUSE

    Skype: droversteve
    Mobile: +1 709 638-2705

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  • 03/02/16--18:40: Roboteknik Roveee
  • Hi I'm looking for a ROV for my company and I found this:
    They are built in the Philippines
    The starting price is really interesting
    Anyone know or heard of it?

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  • 03/02/16--18:40: ROV search
  • sigane17,

    Thanks for the information sounds like an interesting project. What would be the typical current there?

    The DTG2 ROV is a proven ROV even in currents, it has a forward speed of 2.5 knots and the spherical shape handles the current much easier than a box-shaped ROV.

    If you are looking for something larger, there is also the DTX2 ROV which may be more suited for your application. It is more powerful and can handle more current because it has vectored thrusters - and is still affordable.

    As for the controller, although it resembles a gaming controller it makes the whole system very portable and compact. The video can be connected to a larger monitor if you wish, and it reduces the learning curve greatly. The controller is still very robust and durable, but you don't have to carry around an extra suitcase or monitor to operate your ROV! Smile

    Send me a direct message and I can put you in contact with some of our customers.

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    Spot on chewy!

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    This post to to advise you that I have purchased a small ROV, A VideoRay Pro 4 Rugged Base Edition to expand the potential of Rovman Ltd and becoming an ROV operator myself.

    The Pro 4 Rugged BASE system includes a Pro 4 submersible, Pro 4 Integrated Control Box (ICB) with a Toughbook computer loaded with VideoRay Cockpit control software, a secondary 15” extended display integrated into the panel case, and a hand controller and a 75m neutral tether, the system will come packed in two pelicans. We also have a DVR available to record the footage straight to Hard Drive for easy editing. I have also purchased the manipulator and LYYN Video Enhancer. The system is currently PAL video format. The Rugged BASE configuration is ready to accept the majority of VideoRay accessories and sonars ( Tritech Micron / Teledyne Blueview). (Options available on request)

    The System will be available shortly to rent for short or long term contracts, with or without a Supervisor / Pilot . If you have any requirements please contact me for details about rates and further specifications.

    I look forward to hearing from you with any opportunities you may have, also willing to work wherever the location. Possible works include: Aquaculture, Diving, Education, Infrastructure, Hydroelectric, Offshore, Military, Nuclear, Salvage, Science, the list is endless for this compact ROV.

    If you have any requirements or questions please contact me at

    Please few free to have a look at my website

    Also if your on Facebook please follow my company

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  • 03/03/16--19:40: Roboteknik Roveee
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  • 03/03/16--19:40: ROV "Moby Dick"
  • from Russia

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