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  • 12/19/13--19:10: umbilical simulation
  • A customer would like a simulator built for their umbilical, anyone have experience with such?
    They want it full scale (electrically speaking, ie 3kV and roughly 10A).

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    They are OK new seaeye panthers , good support from the office

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    This place sucks and is ridiculously conjunction you will have your bill "topped up" at the end of your stay. The rooms are bare and dirty, the showers stink and well...the owner....CHECK THIS OUT ....


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  • 12/23/13--02:37: ROV Next Step
  • I would suggest college type courses. What you get from most of the schools is nothing more than a taster.

    Also, college type courses are nationally recognised and can be useful for ANY job. ROV training schools courses are only useful for ROVs, they are also not nationally recognised, and in many occasions badly thought of (read through the Rookie section for many discussions regarding the schools).

    There are too many schools popping up now going on about how there is a shortage and how everyone on their last course is now fully employed. The problem is they are chucking out so many Trainees (and in some cases they try and say they are now "fully qualified" when there is no such qualification as ROV pilot). And with each paying out several thousand pounds for a course, it is a lot of money to get a shiny piece of paper that is worth very little.

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    Hi Stu360

    Well lets come down to the hard facts of what we know !

    There are thousands of people the same as you who have all ready done this course and most are still looking for employment . Just spend time on checking the Archives on this site and linkedin plus face book .

    All you see is " Help " I did a Rov course and I cant find work .Just look back on the old topics of this web site about one in every 3 or 4 emails is regarding people looking for work in the Rov Industry .

    All the Senior members of this site have said the same " The industry is just flooded with trainees " What makes it worse is the training schools are turning out more .

    The debate for doing a course has been going on for years yes some people did do a course and within a short time of doing the course they found employment , As I have said many times before its all down to being in the right place at the right time . Think of it as playing the lottery out of the thousands who play the game you get the odd winner from time to time .

    Most of the people have all ready made up there minds on doing a course well if you want to waste any thing from £2.5k to over a £10k then go ahead but we did warn you .

    Do your research ,Plus rates for Rov personnel ihave gone lower and lower most offshore trade all ready earn more than Rov personnel do.

    Well good luck


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  • 12/24/13--02:54: Salary or Contract
  • Having worked at times all the scenariao's mentioned, I'm happiest working straight day rate now, I more or less choose when I want to work...however it also has a lot to do with what stage in your career you are at, there is a lot to be gained from being a staffer if you are still learning the ropes. Seasons greetings to everyone and lets have a prosporous 2014! Very Happy

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    Hi everybody,

    One of our clients is looking to secure the services of an ROV Pilot / Tech for a 4-6 week trip in West Africa (Congo).

    Further details are included below:

    Position: ROV Pilot / Tech
    ROV: Work Class (client is looking for general work class experience)
    Project: Template Installation, Survey Support
    Vessel / Rig: Rig
    Sector: West Africa (Congo)
    Crew Change Date (approx): 15.01.2014
    Tech Skills: Strong electrical skills (ability to diagnose electronic faults, fix components) are desirable
    Piloting Skills: Strong piloting skills (able to pilot in changable currents, shallow water and bad vis) are desirable

    If you are interested in being put forward for this vacancy, please email your CV to or Alternatively, please call +44 1726 86 22 16.

    Merry Christmas, everybody - we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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    I am please to advise that the site will not close and will likely run for many more years to come.

    More at:

    Thanks for the messages of support in this thread. Much appreciated!


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  • 12/25/13--07:27: Competency and sniff test
  • Yeah...I remember James. We had high hopes. But the chance that there will be organization/impetus to give us a unified status is about the same as my odds of my winning Mr Congeniality 2013. The suggestion in the present missive is to provide a moment of ponder to any who strive to use the concept of "Competency" when seeking justification for equality/advancement/safety assurance/dayrate/warm fuzzies of "standardisation"/training accomplished.

    Merry Christmas my friend, thanks for keeping the ball rolling on ROVWorld NEW LIFE! Rock on buddy

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    Suffice to say that the new owners will operate the site under a company called ROVworld inc. They are Canada based and are involved in the ROV industry already. It's a good match IMHO.

    I can't say much more right now but I can assure our members that there will be no interruption of service as we pass into the new year. I would anticipate a complete announcement and introductions to take place sometime around 7th - 14th Jan after the festive period and when people return to their offices.

    Apologies if this has come as a surprise to many, but as you might imagine not too much can be said when negotiations are under way as is the norm in business. If I had jumped the gin and said something positive it could have all fallen though. Then my name would have been mud for sure!!

    Best wishes to all for the festive season Smile

    James Mc

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    Nice one Thumb Up

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  • 12/25/13--07:27: ROV Next Step
  • Thanks RAFtechy you have confirm what for years all the Senior members of this site have been saying . " You Do Not Have To Do A Rov Course to get employment with a Rov Company "

    I do hope people will reading your reply , Will think again about paying out for one of these courses , As after the course your be joining the other few thousands of trainees looking for employment .

    I think before the training schools accept people they should make it very clear that the market is saturated with Rov trainees as I am sure if people knew this they may not have done the course !

    Plus almost every week a new school seems to be starting up turning out even more rov guys .


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  • 12/28/13--13:05: ROV Next Step
  • My self included. I managed to get my start without a course due to previous skills and a slice of right place right time luck!

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    Good news indeed.
    Good luck to the new 'owners' - if my hunch regarding their identity is correct, then they are good people

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    Raptor wrote:
    Hi Bundy_no3

    Agency's are a useful tool to make sure you get paid when working for company's that have a bad history of late payments or non payments however if the rov company is a known company there is no reason why you cannot work direct .

    Except of course these days half the big players have automated CV collection systems and you apply for a direct day rate role, send your CV in and never hear from them ever again. However send your CV to the same place via a preferred agency and you get a job offer within a few hours.

    Weird eh?

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  • 01/03/14--22:01: Happy New Year
  • Happy and prosperous new year to all Smile

    ROVworld Admin team Smile

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    Can't really compare this site with the ROV group on fB... Exclamation

    This is here is more "serious" - that is not meant to sound pretensious; where as the one on fB is too much of the mud.slingin' on the village square type of vibe. Dig?


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    VideoRay Pro 3 GTO ROV Underwater camera with BlueView P900E Sonar for sale.VideoRay Pro 3 GTO Professional ROV System. complete underwater camera/vehicle system with control box, submersible, manual, tether, 2 cases plus accessories. Also comes with BlueView P900E ProViewerE High definition Imaging Sonar. I know nothing about these systems at all. This was purchased at the State of Washington surplus Auction. I will be doing further testing on this item as I learn more about the item. Just found a cut in the tether cable that attaches to ROV no wires were cut, ill get a pic of it today some time. Please feel free to ask questions and for additional pics

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    Seahorse VN have 5 Scorpios in working condition and enough spares to make another up,they have made quite a few improvements and updates with new technology .

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    Sorry but your Brother has it wrong , As a trainee its much less than £500 . Maybe someone can tell us what the rates are for trainees .

    I could go into details with rates But the first thing is Whats the vehicle ? Most schools run Seaeye Falcons which is fine for doing jobs like platform inspection or diver support job the problem is there are so many other types of vehicles out there . So doing a rov course and just doing a course with say just a Falcon is not going to help you if you apply for a job were they maybe operating say FMC , SMD or Perry vehicle .

    So there is allot more to it than you think and its not cheap and by the sounds of it your need a bank loan .

    So like I said do your Survival and medical then look at other offshore jobs , Yes its very busy so I don't think your have any problems but as for Rov work I should leave it well alone .Just go on facebook and other sites and your find many offshore requirements .

    But feel free to come back and tell us how you got on .



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