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    The interview has passed, but thanks for the reply.


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  • 10/17/14--22:47: Permanent ROV positions

  • You are all 100% correct;
    It's a half arsed way of agencies all vying for the same positions. Maris (GE), Oceanscan, UKPS (FET), Subservpro, to name but a few; exactly the same cut and paste job adverts.

    Also it's a way of populating their databases, and finding out where you have been working, how much you have been earning - this is normal market research/agency practice at this time of year.

    Lesser agencies always make up false adverts, to try to get your latest details from you - that's been happening since the birth of 'spotty teenage wannabe millionaire' agencies popping up over the last 5 years or so.

    As a trainee, you shouldn't be looking at agencies my man - get yourself directly into a large company to build up your experience and training, Oceaneering perhaps? Research, research and research agin. Thee is enough information in the public domain to find information such as company charge out rates, average day rates etc, etc.
    If you are dumb enough to try freelancing as a trainee P/T, then I would give Subservpro a go, best of a bad bunch. I wish you the best of British.
    Don't listen to any b.s like, ''Saipem has fixed rates'' That is utter poo, always had been, always will be. Saipem has a serious lack of staff!

    I wouldn't bother with Maris (GE), they don't pay expenses as they should, at the time when wages are paid..they will only pay when the client pays, and in this circumstance it's Saipem roles, so don't expect to see them for months after submission.

    If you advertise a post, then have the professional courtesy to adverse the rate - period. Rolling Eyes

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    I would say that you will need a 'can do' attitude, and be able to fault-find LOGICALLY and successfully.
    Tooling is not as technically demanding as aircraft systems, and really, other than fit and operate, you only need to be able to fix it.

    As long as you have a pulse, can breathe unaided, demonstrate a pragmatic and logical thought process and are a thoroughly nice chap (ess?) then you should be fine.

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  • 10/21/14--00:00: Permanent ROV positions
  • every day my inbox is innundated by loads of these fishing expeditions and they repeat them all the time followed a couple of days later by availability requests from same agents its stupid ,, and frankly annoying and vary unproffessional

    Saipem cant hold onto staff contract or permy due to poor rates and crap conditions on some vessel and a hopless back office staff who cant organise visas or get payroll and expenses right ,,

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  • 10/21/14--00:00: Canyon
  • Hi all,

    I'm heading to Aberdeen in a couple weeks to do certs and am trying to arrange meetings. Could anybody pm me an HR email contact for Canyon Helix? It's the only one I'm having issues finding.

    I would greatly appreciate it.



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    Every company, contract and area of the world is different.

    You can either work a dayrate contract where you are paid only when you work. You can get a fixed salary and an offshore allowance for every day you work offshore. You can also get a salary and a guaranteed number of offshore days every month whether you work them or not.

    There are some companies out there that take you on and then leave you at home for months just paying you a small retainer with no guarantee they will send you offshore to earn proper money. As you are planning on working in GOM, be aware that Oceaneering has been known to do this with some new starts.

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    Sorry you must add your full contact details other wise your mail will be deleted by one of the Moderators .

    You need to add in Future

    Rukhanna Harrison
    Recruitment Consultant

    Nautech Services Limited
    2nd Floor | 25 Commercial Buildings | St Helier |
    Jersey | JE2 3NB | Channel Islands
    Tel: +44 (0)1534 485 838
    Fax: +44 (0)1534 767 366

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  • 10/21/14--00:00: Job Outlook
  • It's also a very cyclical (or cynical) industry! Rates are being squeezed down right now.

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    There does seem to be an industry wide effort to drive down costs just now?
    I did hear about one oil company telling our office they had to find some cost savings...after just opening their new 33 million quid offices!

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    Finally someone, who knows it all - after all these years, still a terrible tea. Very Happy Embarassed Idea

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    Meridian Ocean Services, LLC
    Trudy Daileader

    Location: USGOM
    Position available: ROV Pilot Tech 1 and 2
    ROV System: XLS and Comanche
    Job duration: 3 weeks
    Experience: 2 plus years

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    Roumungery, don't you just love it!

    I heard that there are 5 FRF to the £! Wink

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    Please show me more technical spec and price.

    Oliver Tong

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    Ok I have updated the list .Most Uk and agency's in Europe offer the same work your just have to shop around or go direct if possible for the best rates.


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    Please post some specs, and a few pictures.

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    People..... the original post was Posted: 19:22 Sat 13th Jun 2009

    Are you seriously expecting the OP to respond after 5 ½ years???

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  • 10/27/14--04:06: Instructor Position Canada
  • Looking for two instructors to join our team here in Canada for the months of June and August, we have two Phantom ROV's as well as a Video Ray so good working knowledge of each vehicle is required, we provide accommodation, for more info please e mail me a, we prefer to take Canadian nationals first due to work visas etc, our website, this is a great Summer opportunity for somebody who wants to work onshore

    our website

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    LOCATION : Aberdeen Office based.

    On behalf of our bluechip Aberdeen Subsea Contractor Client, Bryant Hargreaves Subsea Division are currently recruiting for an onshore permanent position as per:

    Senior Project Surveyor.

    The Senior Project Surveyor will assist in providing specialist survey expertise to project teams.
    A significant output of the role will be the continued development of the peer review process for operations support and engineering assurance
    Provide Survey operations support and technical expertise as required during the tender review process.
    Provide assistance and guidance during the procedure writing process, including review of Survey Subcontractor procedures.
    Ensuring that the project adheres to process and procedure.
    Participation and review of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments where required.
    Participation in Survey Operations undesired event investigations and implementation of corrective and
    preventative actions where required;
    Support through liaison with clients and Survey Subcontractors in respect of survey and positioning related
    Liaise and Survey Subcontractors on the procurement/hire of suitable survey related equipment.
    Participate in development of guidelines, standards, technical and operational documents to ensure assurance and best practises are developed and adhered to.
    Provide assistance to Operations Department in regards to Survey Sub-contractor management as required.

    Experience and Skills:
    Degree qualification in a scientific or engineering subject.
    Substantial experience of the execution of survey operations offshore.
    Substantial experience of the execution of subsea construction operations.
    Trenching related survey operations.
    Spool piece metrology methods.
    Pipeline survey operations.

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    A client of ours requires the following;

    1x Workclass supervisor
    2x Eyeball Supervisors (Tiger. Falcon)
    1x Tooling Technician
    North Sea
    2-3 week contracts
    Mobilising through this week

    If you are or know someone that might be interested in the above then get in touch.
    Select Oil and Gas

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    Hi bt,

    have you got the job ?


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