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  • 01/07/15--11:29: Oceaneering Batam Training
  • There is no any chance to start career on the above mentioned positions without industry experience. ROV still have the option to start as a trainee without relevant experience. Good chance for ex-mil's, avionics tech's and so on.

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    I had a couple of attempts to write something that wasn't either too unrealistically positive or negative here. Instead I would look at the historic trend from 2009 which I think is a dress-rehersal for the present.

    I am counting on the following;

    1. Lower basement Q3 2008.
    2. Slower recovery - look at timeframe from 70% peak to peak (100$USD points).

    How this pans out macro-scopically in terms of operators hammering bargain-basement installation costs from their contractors and keeping people in lots of work at lower rates is anyone's guess.

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    Read here how users reviewed the Deep Trekker DTG2!

    "We have been using DTG smart unit for more than an year now in our aquaculture operations. It worked really well for us. It took away a lot of costly dive time. This was...

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    Well it does not seem to be slowing so you maybe right , Once we hit March + April every is going to be asking the same thing " Who is hiring " As for the free lance personnel out there your better off if you can go direct . But if you just wait for a call from the agency's if and when the call comes the rates are going to be silly .

    Many of the agency's are already laying of staff as they all chase the same work so maybe the cull will do some good .

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    this is the final piece of my Videoray kit for sale, it is in immaculate condition as I ordered it before after my last job.
    Open to reasonable offers. present RRP £1,800GBP Shocked
    pics on available request only because I have not photographed yet.

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    Well like I said fuel prices are down but I just dont understand how a Marine Air ticket cost £300 more than a standard ticket on the BA web site .

    Same Class , Date and Time and this was from Griffin in Aberdeen been using them for over 25 years and a marine ticket has all ways been cheaper than a normal ticket .

    So I have no idea whats going on regarding air fares ?

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  • 01/09/15--15:50: How to buy gps jammer?
  • As soon as we surf the internet and looking for the jammer products we can see that there are various types of signal jammers that are for sale in the market now such as the mobile phone jammers, buy gps jammer, wifi jammers, UHF jammers, the multi-functional signal jammers and so many others kinds of signal jammers for sale as well. And what people now need to do is just select the best one according to their needs.

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  • 01/10/15--17:48: Doha, Qatar.. Is that all?
  • They've stopped the takeaways from the Radisson Blue apparently. The aptly named 'MovenPick' has the best cuisine now, alledgedly.

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    Good Afternoon

    We require 1 x Seaeye Falcon Supervisor & 1 Tech

    Role: Supervisor & Tech
    ROV: Falcon
    Location: Abu Dhabi
    Starting Date: ASAP
    Duration: 14 Days

    Job description: To make ready a Falcon system based here in Abu Dhabi.
    The system is currently stored in a covered area, and is due to be mobilised at the end of the month.

    Please send CV's to

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  • 01/14/15--19:22: SeaBotix LBV 150 for sale
  • Hello,

    I'm selling an SeaBotix LBV 150. More details can be found on ebay.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.


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    As of the 1st April 2015, the CAA will prohibit helicopter operators from carrying passengers on offshore flights (except in response to an emergency) whose body size, including required safety and survival equipment, is incompatible with the nearest authorised underwater escape exit.

    On the 8th January Step Change in Safety Helicopter Safety Steering Group (HSSG) held Town House meetings where the plans and requirements for how people will be measured were announced.

    The strategy follows Step Change’s announcement in October 2014 that helicopter passengers will be measured by the width of their shoulders, and those who measure greater than 22” (55.9cm) will be classed as Extra Broad (XBR). Extra Broad passengers will be required to sit in a helicopter seat that’s closest window is compatible with their shoulder size.

    Helicopter passengers will be measured by specially-trained medics either on offshore installations or at onshore medical providers. Measurement courses will also be available from the beginning of February and can be booked through medical providers. Your size status will be recorded on Vantage

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    I'm looking to liquidate a brand new, still in the box, Hach DS5X Multiprobe. This unit was purchased ~2 years ago and never used.

    - Central cleaning unit that removes fouling from D.O., pH, ISE's, and Flourescence sensors (Chlorophyll a, Blue-green Algae and Rhodamine WT)
    - 120,000 measurements Internal Memory
    - Temperature sensor
    - RS-232, SDI-12, and RS-485 Data formats
    - Weighted sensor guard
    - Calibration and storage cups
    - Maintenance kits
    - Manual
    - Hydras 3 LT software
    - PDA software available
    - LDO Probe: Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen measurement technology. No membranes, screw off caps, EPA recommended method. Validation studies for this technology all performed by Hach for EPA & ASTM.
    DS5X Self Cleaning Turbidity Probe
    - Internal Battery Pack
    - 200 Meter, Water Tight, Detachable Cable
    - External Power Adapter Interface Cable
    - Power Adapter, 90-264VAC

    Can provide pictures and more information upon request.

    Looking for $12,000 OBO.


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    yeah, it's amazing what amounts to marketing these days !!

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    The rate is laughable! Pretty sure someone will accept jobs like this and rates will drift lower as companies cut back and/or agencies continue to rip people off.

    Stay safe


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    What it means is you get to sit at the seat with the bigger exit and not squashed in the middle!

    So the rest of us have to wait behind the fatties while they try and get out!

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    Hi there, I am from South Africa, Cape Town. Recently graduated N4 electrical engineering. I would like to specialize in maintenance and tooling of ROV's. Which company can I approach for decent training?

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    Dear all,

    The Z-Boat 1800 is the best reviewed USV on Geo-matching. Read some of the reviews here:

    "The Z-boat has been a valuable tool when performing work within an "ideal" pond scenario where the boundaries can be observed and there are no shallow areas causing hang-ups or groundings - setbacks of any remote controlled operation. The boat has been dependable and procduces good soundings. We've had a few high-gain antenna breaks and required adjustments to the propeller angles, but the system has been fairly stable."

    "I can say how pleased we are with the Z-Boat. I went out with a crew yesterday to survey 2000 feet of canal that was about 60 feet wide. Taking 50 foot cross sections it took us three hours to complete. We would have been lucky if a crew doing them conventionally in a boat completed that in two days. The boat is very easy to control and keep on line. Much easier than our 23’ Sea Ark. This was a very worthwhile investment."

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  • 01/17/15--02:39: Norwegian Tax when PAYE
  • Beaufort12 wrote:
    Thanks Ray,
    They have paid tax, just not correctly. It more the annoyance of being sent somewhere to work then having to sort my own tax affairs out when they have messed up. Im waiting to see what happens then i might see if my union rep can earn some of his money.

    Hi guys as what I know if you worked in Northsea less than 28 days per trip you dont have to pay tax.

    I am from U.K and worked there a few times .

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  • 01/17/15--02:39: C-leanship Singapore
  • Raptor wrote:
    jamesreid can you please remove the guys name from your reply !

    The rules of the forum are no individual names - companies, yes


    sorry will do so..

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    Funny that all the major oil companies made billions of USD in 2014.

    And I am quite sure they will still make the billion mark in profits in 2015.

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